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  1. Thank you very much for your advice everyone! I'm not quite as talent has my cousins Twinkle and her brother and sister. I'm the oldest by five years so I haven't done a dollhouse with her since I was a little kid and never one this complex! I'm more of seamstress (taught by her of course) than dollhouse builder. I did paint what was going to be in "my room" in this house but that was about it. I watched the lighting video and I'm not as intimated. I think I'll have to start to lay some thing out. She does have some furniture that I know of. We just haven't got to those boxes yet!
  2. My aunt is still going through all the other kits. She had so many projects going at the same time, as usual, that this one was wasn't as far along at least how she envisioned it. Some walls are up and the base is assembled but that's about it
  3. Hello all, I'm Selkie's eldest grandduagther. I know many of you new her well through this site and I first wanted to say thank you for all the nice comments last year. I know it would warm her heart to know how highly you thought of her. For me she was the one of the most influential people in my life, because of that I have made it my mission to finished her Garfield house. I can't mash like she was planning to do because it wouldn't fit in my house; however I want to do it justice. Where should I start? Do I run electrical first then flooring and wallpaper?
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