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  1. Okay!! Thank you,Thank you, Thank you!! Doors are in!!! Sides are on!! Front us setting and tomorrow I head out of town for my nieces spelling bee! I need a break! Haha!!! Wall paper in front needs to go in along with baseboards and crown molding then the task of building the 3rd floor and restoring that whole mess!!!! Man, I feel like progress has been made- FINALLY! Yes!!!
  2. Okay!! Man can I make things long! I have a small closet door in but I’m hearing a clicking noise? What have I done wrong before I move on?
  3. To clarify..Yes you think glued baseboards back to back would hold a pin on the bottom transition?
  4. Sable, I had an idea about using double edged trim so the step into each room is flush with the floor for smoother transition. Of course my baseboard moulding won’t work but I do like the idea of it not being raised. Oh well... I doubt gluing the two baseboard edges together to only then Preston a hole for the pin would not be as stable as your original piece of transition would on the bottom. But if I had a decorative board on each side to do this I might try. Does that make sense?
  5. My brain is fried tonight and what you wrote makes sense. How long is best to set glue on transition boards to door?
  6. Well now, I just don’t believe that! Y’all have such great ideas and experience with all this tedious stuff- I don’t know what I’d do if I hadn’t stumbled upon this site! I’m going to start first thing in the morning. Just now getting home and woke up at 4 am thinking about these darn doors! Do you recommend letting the pins all dry overnight tomorrow before setting in the doorframe?
  7. Wow! you’re amazing what awesome details!!!!!!!! I’m in town today ( I live out in the boonies) so I’ll definitely be all about trying this tomorrow. What a relief-I think I can do this! I’ll keep y’all posted!
  8. I watched a tutorial with fabric and a pin and I’m wondering if I removed one side of trim and glued one side under the trim and the other to the door edge if that would work
  9. So there is no real transition in the bottom it’s interesting. I thin strip of wood between rooms is all on the bottom and it doesn’t appear to be the floor beneath in any of the doors.
  10. Yes I know you’re right. I’ll be in town tomorrow and that’ll be s nice distraction! Appreciate all your advice!
  11. I’m sure there’s a way!!! Haha Praying I figure it out soon-my house is a disaster!
  12. So as you know I’m restoring the house my mom made me 40+ years ago so first I love the front doors so I want to keep them. I’ve also already repainted all the trim around all doors, wallpapered, restained floors and any trimming she stained as well as the doors. The thought of messing especially the wallpaper up by replacing is awful. So by purchasing new doors and frames I eliminate hanging the doors I have?
  13. Why is this challenging me so much? I am beyond frustrated when I think of what I’ve been able to do to this point. I can’t do anything else until I get these doors on. Thank you so much for trying to help me.
  14. So I tried this and it’s splitting the door. Guess I’m not doing it right. Can you advise on the fed ex mailer and how that works? well... another day fooling with these doors to no avail. Holly I don’t have the patience at this point to redo as your suggestion would require me to do. Although would probably be most efficient long term. I’m headed into town tomorrow to search for a hinge that just shows on the outside of the door. Not the style I was looking for but I gotta press on and make some headway or I’m gonna lose my mind!
  15. So I’ve already removed the chamois as I wasn’t pleased with the result. Thinking on this now!
  16. So funny thing about the wallpapers... the red birds on the pic is actually one that was in my childhood home growing up but in browns. I about died when I saw it and ordered it! The sweet calico on the other side is what my mom used when she made this dollhouse for me. Unfortunately it was all but ruined except for in the closets. BUT!!! I found this original on eBay so truly feel like I’ve restored original parts to my house.
  17. Good Morning!! Here are a couple of pics of one of the doors. Also Holly I wanted to tell you I did my windows and they look amazing! I used a product my son’s gas for Baseball pics preservations called top loafers and cut from a 5x7 and although it was thick it really is much nicer than a flimsy piece of plastic! Anyway hopefully I can decide today what to do with these doors ( and hope it won’t take all day again)!
  18. I’ll send a pic in the am I haven’t posted any of the doors! Thank you
  19. Ok how long would you say these “ hold up”? I’m worried I get my walls glued together then have trouble with my doors on the difficult side to reach and then what?
  20. So the hinges are hudddn when the door is closed but can see the bound ( ?) part of the hinge which means you can see the edge of the chamois. Have you found this stretches? I cannot believe how long and frustrating this has been.
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