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  1. They are my neighbors too, in upstate New York!
  2. I had an email exchange with Greenleaf yesterday and this morning, and they are sending out a replacement. Very responsive, great customer service!
  3. Hi All I am a little worried about the upper staircase pieces; I think these were a mistake, all of the pieces on this sheet seemed a little off, but the cuts on these – especially the spaces for the banisters -- are off center and not cut through. Not sure if I should try to create replacements or ask Greenleaf to send a replacement of that pattern sheet…. What do you think?
  4. Sable, No hot glue for me (in fact have never used it!). I think your explanation solves the mystery -- since the instructions are from the older edition of the kit. Thanks
  5. Thank you Holly and Kathie, Much clearer now. I think I'm going to write down all these new terms and techniques in a "newbie" journal.
  6. Thank you Carrie, In the instructions, "tack glue" is a direction (verb), for a series of assembly tasks. It's not referring to the "tacky glue" (noun). Further on in the directions, it says to permanently glue everything that's been "tack glued". I agree with you, I think it does mean to create a temporary hold, but I was confused because I have already done the dry fit, and it seemed that "tack glue" was a similar step. Do I need to "tack glue" if I've already dry fit the pieces? Sorry if my question is not clear....
  7. I'm kinda feeling like I'm learning a new language as I decode the directions for my Glencroft. I know what dry fit means. I know what glueing means. But what does it mean to "Tack Glue" ?? 'm finding the instructions quite confusing. If I'm supposed to glue lightly, and then go back and reinforce everything, how do I do that without taking those pieces apart?
  8. Thanks Holly, That's very helpful. Marcia
  9. Hi All -- Newbie here...just finished the first dry fit of Section A -- floors and walls of my Glencroft. Feels like a great accomplishment! I'm seeking advice from you pros on whether I should try to dry fit the whole thing, then take it apart and put it back together, or if it makes sense to disassemble this part, prime, then put it back together and glue. I've sanded and trimmed slots and tabs to get a better fit. But I have discovered there's quite a bit of warping...nothing that some clamps, arm strength and patience can't handle when it comes time to glueing. This didn't prevent me from getting a clear understanding of how the pieces fit together, and where I need to address the warping. But I worry that the current dry fit is so far from square that any attempt to play with the next stages will be futile. I re-read the next sections of instructions and it seems that the elements already in place from Section A should be true/square in order to best accomplish Sections B and beyond. I know there are some areas where I need to consider the finishes (paint, paper, etc). I'm not too worried about those, I've worked in very small, confined room box spaces before and I have a good idea about sequencing those tasks. It's the actual construction that I need help with. Your thoughts? Hope my question made sense.... Thanks!! Marcia
  10. Thank you so much! I will try that experiment!
  11. I love your roof! What kind of cardboard did you use? Was it already pleated?
  12. Hi Holly and Susie! Thanks for the welcome. I'm just getting started with the dry fit, so we'll see how the adventure unfolds. So far, my little house has changed her mind several times about what she thinks she wants to be....LOL
  13. Hello Everyone! Hubby/Santa gave me a Glencroft kit for Christmas. After lurking here for a few months, decided it was time to join this community as I begin my first dollhouse build adventure! Last winter, I returned (after 35 years!) to the miniature hobby, but eased in with roomboxes and built six (totalling eight rooms) over the last year. Excited to dive into this next level -- a little intimidated, but taking it one step at a time (and reading each step in the directions about 100 times LOL. Looking forward to learning from you all. Marcia
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