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  1. CJ Sumlin


    I’m from Tidewater and graduated from The College of William & Mary so I learned about the Byrd family and Westover. Are you going to add the ghost of Evelyn? This is so nice! I love the wallpaper “hidden” doors and the period furniture. I’m sure the Byrd family would be very proud of this wonderful miniature replica.
  2. CJ Sumlin

    14 Kitchen

    This is lovely! I just found a Worthington on eBay and yours is such a wonderful example for inspiration. I’ve never done an dollhouse before so I’m going to wait; I’m going to start with a smaller house (Arthur) but I’m going to bookmark your album! I love this modern looking floor. It looks so realistic.
  3. Thanks everyone. I will keep you posted once I get started. I’m definitely going to check out the big miniature store in Atlanta.
  4. This looks like a real house. I’m in awe! Wow. It’s absolutely gorgeous.
  5. Hello! I’m from Atlanta, GA and I’ve decided to start on a lifelong dream of mine of having a miniature dollhouse. I’m going to start small with the Orchid because I don’t know what i’m doing. When I see all the beautiful houses out here and custom furniture, accessories and stuff, I’m in awe. You guys are so talented! I’m not a crafts person so all of this looks extremely difficult and looks like it requires a special gift. Kudos to all of you. Wish me luck. I’m going to need it. If anyone would like to share any words of wisdom, I would greatly appreciate it. I really am sta
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