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    My environments are mostly little homes for family members or writers I love ... sometimes for characters in my own books ... I'm especially interested in how much builders manage to make for themselves. I am always impressed.

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  1. Do you have photos of what you made with them? I recently got some and want to use them but am flummoxed by the size. You're my hero!
  2. Has anyone built something using these windows? I coveted them for a long time and finally got some, but I'm surprised at how very big they are. They seem more suited to a Barbie house ... They look like a more elaborate style than what's on the Willowcrest. Does anyone have a project to share? Thank you!
  3. An imaginary home for my psychic great-aunt
  4. This is a medieval beekeeper's hut from Mermaid Moon, my novel appearing in March 2020. I made stone walls out of egg carton cardboard and thatched the roof. More furnishings are still to come.
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