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  1. So with the staircase, did you just trim off the top pieces and then add the posts? I like your design much better than the original staircase design.
  2. Hello everyone! I’m new here. My Greenleaf Beacon Hill kit finally came in today! I’m a bit nervous as this is my first dollhouse build. Can anyone share some tips on what helped you? I heard the instructions are kind of difficult and hard to understand. I’ve been watching the YouTube videos and I can’t find one that is like a step by step. I already know some of the changes I’m going to make or other builders suggestions that I’m going to use. I’ve got most of the starter supplies: the glues, the clamps, painters tape, the ultimate cutter from hobby lobby, stains and some mini screwdrivers an
  3. it says they are out of stock and to "add to wishlist".
  4. does anyone know were i can find the 144 BH? or does anyone have one they can sell?
  5. Hey everyone! i am on the lookout for a 1/144 beacon hill house. does anyone know were i can find one? thanks!
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