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  1. Haha. Thanks, everyone! I think it's probably easier than building them separate because after you figure out the directions you just do it twice and you don't have to figure it out again later.
  2. Wealthywarriormaid

    Orchid x 2

    Builds for my two girls.
  3. I've loved dollhouses for a long time.i had a little handmade log cabin that I picked up at a yard sale and made all sorts of little things for it. Then I bought the farm house kit but then my parents started building a real house so the doll house got put on hold. I was the middle of five kids so my dad having extra time to help wasn't plentiful, plus he owned his own business and was a pastor of a small church. Then I moved out.... Got married had kids, etc. So, now that we have kids that are starting to become a little independent and we're not broke, I can pursue miniatures again. In my free time... I just hope my girls love it as much as I do so I can justify it a little more. Haha.
  4. I'm currently building two Orchids and skipped the windows... But can't say if this works out okay yet or not. Give me another week and hopefully I'll know. I'm building for my daughters and they want to paint them but I wanted to use wood glue on as much as I can so don't want windows in with a 4 year old and 7 year old painting on it. So, that was my reasoning for it. I'm currently building the porch and once I get the gable done and the glue dries I'll prime and paint and then put in the windows and trim, or that's my plan.
  5. Welcome! I'm new too. Garfield looks fun! I have to finish my three in progress before I get to consider anything else! Ha. Though, I'm thinking going small after these so I have enough room...
  6. That's so cool, Holly! I'm 37, so a little bit younger than when you did it but still one of the old ones in my class! I homeschool my two girls and my husband works out of town... So I don't have a lot of spare time between studying but maybe I can sneak some in here or there. Hey mesp2k!
  7. Hey everyone! I convinced my husband to let me buy my 7 and 4 year old girls dollhouses for Christmas this year! So, I got them each an Orchid for their first house and we'll see how much they actually get into it and um how long it takes to convince my husband to buy more... Ha. So, I started building both Orchid's this morning. Have the shell almost done, hoping to have them complete aside from shingles by New year's as I have to go back to nursing school in January and have no time for hobbies then. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is doing with their houses. I have an old Dura Craft Farmhouse that I started with my dad when I was in my teens that was never finished but hopefully will finish that once I get done with school. Happy holidays to all!
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