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  1. I have schematics, and thanks to Carolyn C, I have the correct set of instructions and diagrams now. I'm trading tracings with her since we both have the same kit, missing different parts. Except we're both missing sheet 4, which includes the right side front walls and the bay window top/bottom trim. If anyone can send a tracing of those, and the dimension of the small trim piece, we would be grateful. PM me. Thanks everyone!
  2. Additional kits are too expensive. I got this one at a ReStore (as-is) building salvage store. I'm very handy and have the tools. I just need tracings, or if I can't find someone with all the parts willing to trace, I'll just reverse engineer them myself. I'm determined to complete it, have already started.
  3. I have an old Tennyson kit from the ArtPly era. It has two separate porch roofs instead of the one big wraparound one, and the porch railings are separate pieces instead of the big one-piece thing they have now. I'm missing the schematics and instructions but working from newer parts lists I've found I'm missing many large structural pieces. If you can provide any details or tracings of these bits, it would really help me. What I'm missing: it's a lot! Right front first floor and door Right front second floor Bay windows 3 pieces (left front) Dormer sides Dormer Roof left and right Dormer front Spike trim Dormer Roof trim Large peak front Small peak front Chimney sides A & B Chimney front C, back D, and top E Small inner roof (L-shaped piece) Round window trim, 4 pcs Bay window tops & bottoms (same size?) The two V-shaped roof braces that are on the back side, one big, one small Thank you!
  4. Minime, thank you for sending the PDF instructions. Unfortunately I'm looking for directions to a much older kit. The image at the very top of this post shows the ones I need, so I was hoping the original poster could snap more photos of these old instructions that match my kit.
  5. Carolyn, did you figure out how to recreate the pieces you needed? I recently picked up this kit at the ReStore, but it's missing the instructions. I requested the directions from Greenleaf, but like you I found that the new laser cut version is similar but not the same. I'm determined to figure it out with or without directions. Are you able to post any more images of the directions to the old ArtPly version? If I can get ahold of them, I'll find a way to clean them up and digitize them to make available here for everyone that needs them. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help with your missing bits... Measurements, tracings or photos of parts.
  6. If anyone has directions for the Tennyson and can email them to me or provide a link to download them, please please please do. Funkisockmunki@gmail.com I got a kit at the ReStore but it's missing instructions. I'm hoping to build this for my little one. Thank you!
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