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  1. After accidentally purchasing 2 different items... twice, I realized I needed a system. Stuff that I've bought to be used in a future house or a house still under construction gets safely packed away (bubble wrap, original packaging, etc) in a large rubbermaid box in my guest room. If it's in a box, I write the item name on the outside of the box so I can find it easily. Then, I have a spreadsheet that has separate tabs for types of items.. tables, chairs, beds, light fixtures, kitchen accessories, etc. And I list each item along with any relevant details (manufacturer, color), any st
  2. I'm impressed! This looks really well done!
  3. So happy to see the forums back! We have been under shelter in place orders for about 6 weeks now. My job allows me to work remotely, but I suddenly have about 90 -120 minutes back in my day by not having to commute in to the office. I've been spending a lot of that time on miniature projects. I'd been planning on making some needlepoint rugs for my dollhouse for a while, and so my days now include at least an hour of needlepoint.
  4. Bunny


    So sweet! I love the bunnies! (As you might guess by my screen name!)
  5. I'm excited to see what you do with your Fairfield! I browsed your instagram; you're quite talented!!! Someday, I'll attempt working in 1:24 but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
  6. Oh my goodness, this is so cute! I love the mixtures of colors and patterns! Every time I look at your pictures, I see something new. I think my favorite thing is the spinning wheel and loom in the craft room.
  7. This is simply phenomenal. I'm a huge Outlander fan, and you've really brought Master Raymond and his apothecary to life. The attention to deal is impeccable.
  8. Hello, everyone! I’m a lifelong miniature enthusiast, although I’ve taken a 10 year leave of absence from larger projects primarily due to workspace and time commitment issues. Over the past decade, I’ve done the occasional small project such as room boxes, but I’ve been itching to get back into actual houses. Big, beautiful houses. I LOVE large projects. I got into miniatures when I was a little girl. My dad’s hobby was woodworking and we built a dollhouse together as a project. It was great father/daughter bonding time, and he taught me so many tec
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