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  1. I am getting ready to build this house. I'm new so I'm sort of clueless but I was wondering what scale furniture you have? The home kit is 1:12 but I have a bunch of 1:16 scale furniture that I would love to use in mine and I'm wondering if that size will look okay in this house? If so, I plan on using all 1:16 scale items. Thank you for your help! I love your house and how much detail you put into everything!
  2. Hello there, I am new to the mini community but have been an admirer for years. I am giving my daughter a house full of furniture for Christmas this year and in the last two days have learned a lot of things about scale that I had no idea existed. My problem is that I fell in love with some 1:16 scale furniture and ordered it not knowing that the home kits are specific sizes. I LOVE the 1:12 scale homes more than the 1:16 scale home and am wondering if the 1:16 scale furniture will look terrible in a 1:12 scale home? I plan on using all 1:16 scale furniture and dolls.
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