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  1. I have 11 issues of Dollhouse Miniatures that run from October 2006 to August 2007 plus two issues of Miniature Collector January 2003 and June 2003. The second group is two issues of Dolls and Miniatures, Summer 2000, Spring 2000 and 7 issues of Dolls in Miniature, Winter 2001, Fall 2001, Winter 2002, Fall 2002, Summer 2002, Spring 2003, and Summer 2003. Some of these are a little wrinkled. They all have tons of patterns for doll clothes for 5.5 inch dolls. The third group is four pattern books. They're "The Wishlet Series" by Susan Sirkis. I have Fashions 1806 - 1810, Fashions 1820 - 1825, Fashions 1831 - 1835, Fashions 1840 - 1845. I would prefer to sell each group all together. PM me for pictures and prices if interested. Gramma Kathy
  2. I"m a tax lady. One time I had a customer that applied for the refund anticipation loan. He was denied. I explained to him over the phone that it would automatically convert from a refund anticipation loan to a refund anticipation check and would take 8 to 15 days. So, he comes into the store and I explain to him in person how it would convert automatically and they wouldn't charge him the interest and it would take 8 to 15 days. He looked at me and said "So, how long is that?" I answered him "You know, a week to two weeks." He called every single day to check. Nobody was happier about that kid getting his money than I was! Yes, there are stupid questions. Kathy
  3. I have some big floor plants and a cat that looooooooves to dig in them. I got some good size rocks and put on top of the soil and he leaves them alone now. Kathy
  4. Older photos are made with gelatin. I have a cat now that will lick them if he can get to them. Kathy
  5. I had a cat that licked plastic bags. She never ate them though and she was actually kind of picky about which ones she licked. She liked new ones best. The only thing I could ever to do stop her was keep the bags where she couldn't lick them. Kathy
  6. To be honest they're deluding themselves if they think they can live totally vegan. Animal by-products are in dozens and dozens of things you've never thought of. Things like tires, toothpaste, shampoo, fabric softners, paint, sheetrock, chalk, etc. Here's a web site that gives you some idea of how many products animal byproducts are in. http://www3.telus.net/public/jross/beefprod.htm Kathy
  7. I live in the world of mystery. Kathy The World of Mystery 85% The fantasy world 70% The world of a romantic 60% The high rollers world 45% The world of child 35%
  8. I turned out to be a dragon. We aren't all bad though!! LOL Kathy
  9. DVD. I haven't bought a VHS tape in several years now. Kathy
  10. I had a Mercur. Rear wheel drive and turbo charged. I never put that car in the ditch one time and drove it for several years and at that time I was driving my husband 8 miles one way to work every day. If you get the idea out of your head that you can drive as fast on snow as dry pavement and use some caution you should be able to drive most any car in the snow. It's my policy to wave and honk at people that pass me and then end up in the ditch. No, I don't stop. Kathy
  11. I don't think you actually cook there. They have the ingredients all prepped and ready to go in various dishes and you go in and assemble the dishes then take them home and freeze them. You put together up to 12 different dishes that serve 4 to 6 people. That means you could have meal prep done for two weeks worth of weeknight meals in just a couple of hours. And they're decent homecooked and fairly healthy meals. I see this as a serious boon to working women everywhere. Beats fast food all to heck and back! Kathy
  12. My pattern is to buy a new set of dishes when too many get broken. LOL So far the set of Corell I bought is holding up fine. No broken ones yet. As for crystal, I have the bistro set of glasses from the hardware store. I do have a set of Haviland china but it's only a 4 place setting so almost never gets used. Kathy
  13. But, but, Joann's doesn't control UPS, nor are they responsible for the service you recieved from UPS. Once it's out of their hands, it's out of their hands. At best they can issue a refund if the item is no longer in stock. Kathy
  14. Well that was special. At least it's over with. I had to be at the hospital at 10am and then didn't get into surgery until 1. Somebody said, (I have no clue who) the doctor took off a couple of "lesions" in addition to taking out the gall bladder and that's why it took longer. I was back in the room about 3:15. I pretty much snoozed until 5. They brought me a couple of soda crackers and some water so I could take a couple of pain pills. I really didn't think I was going to go home because I felt so bad but then they brought the supper tray. Ahhhhh, the restorative powers of a good broth. I started to feel a whole lot better so we came home. My plans for today are limited computer time, tv downstairs on the couch and probably a nap. Thank you all for your good wishes!! Kathy
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