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  1. I like to paint my walls and if i want wallpaper, i attach it to poster board so it isn't permanent.
  2. I tried to use our house windows as a guide but they're all white. Also, the bare wood on the insides bugs me. I had no idea this would be so hard!!
  3. Hello again! I'm painting windows for my Celerity 2nd empire victorian but I'm not happy with how they're turning out. I want the outside to be black and the inside to be white but i can't figure out how to do that bc some areas, like the sill, run together. I mixed black acrylic with a lot of water to paint the outside and it looks so dull. I've looked online for hours for a tutorial to no avail. Tips pls? I'd love to post a pic but ig my pics are too big.
  4. They're an inch wide so that equals a 12 inch wide floorboard. Love the shelf!
  5. Argh!

    What is it?

    It's for sale!! I ended up with a celerity second empire dollhouse for $50 so i need to sell a few.
  6. Which would y'all recommend? The easy cutter for hobby lobby or micromark or midwest tools? Also, I'm planning on using paint stir sticks from Lowe's for wide plank flooring. Would the easy cutter work for them too?
  7. I just bought a new to me house from facebook marketplace. I'm thrilled with all the room but not the decor. The wallpaper and carpets are stuck hard to mdf so my vinegar and warm water trick won't work. I want to paint the walls and put down wood flooring. Any advice to get the paper, carpets and glue up w/o damaging the mdf?
  8. Same issue but i want to paint the walls after the wallpaper and glue are removed.
  9. Argh!

    What is it?

    Mine didn't come with the door so i have to figure out what to do with it. Since it's a museum, i may try a glass door.
  10. Argh!

    What is it?

    I have a pic of the interior with the doors open but site won't let me upload. Mine is going to be a museum with French feves so its origin isn't that important to me but i am curious re exactly what brand it is now that ppl can't figure it out.
  11. Argh!

    What is it?

    It is front opening and I'm pretty certain it's mdf but ppl say it's not a doll's house emporium either. I think those are the ones with the hinged attic. This attic doesn't move and feels like plastic.
  12. There's a lot of confusion on my facebook dollhouse groups re this house. I thought it was a retired pottery barn doll house but now I'm not sure. The lady i bought mine from said it's pottery barn. Some say they bought one at Costco. Some say it's a battat. There's another one that's very similar to mine but the roof is hinged for attic access. Can someone here id this one pls?
  13. I'm thinking about shabby chic rag curtains for my lil house. Problem is - when i find a material i like, i can't bring myself to cut and tear it up!
  14. I love it!! Thank you for posting!! Lil guy has decided on a totally different lil house - a Melissa and Doug Victorian mansion for $50. He may want to do a build later but he's impatient to get his furniture and military dudes settled in a house.
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