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  1. Hi Everyone, yes I'm very pleased with the color too. Thanks for the tip about the crumpled paper bag and the emory board. I wish I had thought to smooth out the rough spots before staining. The emory board is working for me on the post-stained piece. Lesson learned.
  2. Thanks so much, @Sable, @KathieB, and @havanaholly. Your suggestion are so helpful. My local hardware store only had stain markers by Varathane. I tried the dark walnut on my chair. It came out way darker than I expected. I may have applied too much of the marker. The chair finish looks more like ebony and I’m totally okay with that. I’ve attached a photo of some real ebony chairs that have a similar look as well as photos of my chair in progress. Would love to hear if you all have any suggestions on additional techniques for finishing/refining the wood stain.
  3. @havanaholly Thanks for that suggestion. I’m a total newbie. Can you reccomend a brand of stain? If you could point me to a tutorial, that’d be wonderful.
  4. Thanks a lot, @Sable. Would you recommend Citadel for painting furniture other colors? For instance, dark brown?
  5. Hi @havanaholly, thanks for your reply. I’m doing a modern and eclectic twist with my finishing. Not trying to pass the piece for 18th Century French. I think that gold, bronze, or dark brown will go nicely with the fabric I have in mind.
  6. Hi All! I’m a newbie when it comes to finishing miniature furniture. I have a lovely unfinished chair that has some carved detail and I’d like to repaint it gold, bronze, or dark brown and reupholster it. Can anyone recommend a brand and color of gold paint? In general, what are your favorite paint types and brands to use when painting miniature furniture? Do you prime the wood before painting? If so, what do you use. Thanks in advance for your help! Sylvia
  7. This sofa is stunning! I have an unfinished miniature chair that I'd like to paint gold. Would you mind sharing the brand and color paint you used to finish this piece? Did you prep the wood before painting? If so, would you mind sharing your process. Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi! Your settee is beautiful. I have an unfinished piece of light wood miniature furniture that I'd like to paint gold. Would you mind sharing the brand of paint you used? Did you print the wood before painting? if so, how? Many thanks!
  9. Thanks for posting the awesome info! I’m excited to try punch needle for making rugs in true 1/12 scale. Since punch needle is worked from the back of the rug, is it best to reverse the design pattern before transferring it to the fabric? Thanks!
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