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  1. Wow! I sure wish you had this back when I did mine! Excellent instructions with great photos!
  2. I had trouble 2-3 years ago. There was no pandemic then and I still could not get any help!
  3. Good luck with that! Everyone on here has not been able to get anyone when we call the company. I have exactly what you have and I think that the "Lily" is the only house that did not ever have any illustrations to show how to go about putting it together. I am so sorry! You may have to look at others photos that they took as they were building it. Like this one of my kitchen.
  4. I never had any luck trying to contact that company. Or others that are on here for that matter. It's a joke. I got written instructions with separate schematics of the parts showing the house pieces, but no instruction with photos (illustrations). I had to figure it out myself. That was several years ago and it took me 5 months to build it. I decided to bash it to. I made a wrap around second floor deck and also added an inch or a foot to the attic. The photo was taken before I got the wooden shingles put on.
  5. Hi, This is Merry, the one that mailed you some papers for your Lily dollhouse. My husband normally burns our garbage in the burn barrel, but he broke his leg 6 weeks ago. Today I decided that I had better do it since the 2 garbage cans are full. To my amazement, I found all of the peices of paper folded in half and at the side of the garbage can, like new. I was wondering if you would like those as well? I traced them in case I wanted to use them for a pattern for cutting the paper for the walls or a pattern for the floors or carpet. Let me know! Your Lily buddy
  6. I am glad that you got them! I hope it gets you excited to work on it now! Have fun!
  7. Thank you. I am so glad that you liked it!
  8. merrycrafter

    Lily Bash!

    Okay, so now, how do I delete one of the 2 same pictures?
  9. The "Lily" dollhouse is the only one so far that I have seen that does not have the illustrations with the directions!
  10. I seem to be having problems posting my photos on here!
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iusvsdTnltM&t=6s
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