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  1. Holly, good call! It IS a pencil sharpener! Maybe they're the same mold, maybe just done with different color finishes (the black one looks more realistic!). What a cute and inviting room! I love all of the bedding. Thanks so much, Jess and Cayce!
  2. Hi! Just wanted to share my Orchid dollhouse. I started it in 2018, and just glued on the final piece today. There are still some things to add (like bedding, curtains, and a couple of pieces of furniture are unfinished wood), but I suppose the decorating of a dollhouse is never really done. I plan to make a YouTube video in the future, and if so will post a link here! (Modifications: Due to a space issue, the porch was modified in depth. The fireplace shown was made out of scrap wood and two pieces of the porch. I also made a partial wall over the biggest upstairs window, so the small
  3. I got the dollhouse front finished yesterday, and wanted to share a pic in this thread just in case anyone else might need to omit the front porch, and wants to see what it looks like without it. Head-on I think it looks fine, although from the side part of the house looks like it's defying gravity.
  4. Holly, I recognize those finials! (And threw them away--oh, no!) They make perfect table legs. So cute!
  5. Kathie, thank you! How neat to make tables! It was a bit sad throwing away the spare parts since there's always the chance they'd have a future use, but after around 1 1/2 years it was also a relief getting rid of most of them--hee hee! The dollhouse parts seemed a little like Tribbles at times.
  6. Just had to share since in this thread you were helpful in regards to if the Orchid could be built without the porch (due to my space limitations). Instead of doing away with a porch altogether, I cut it way down in depth, and then didn't use the trims. Looking at the leftover rails, I thought, "Hm. These look like a fireplace!" With some other spare wood pieces, I made the porch rails into a "cast iron" stove/fireplace. All with spare things I already had, including plastic packaging and a small battery-operated votive candle. For the back piece, I didn't punch out the pieces
  7. Thank you so much, Emily! It feels good to be almost done. I admire those of you who make more than one dollhouse--it's like so many projects in one--like building a real house, but in miniature! I'm more into the minis themselves and look forward to decorating it.
  8. I'm so sorry for posting and disappearing back in 2018. To update, I ended up getting the Orchid dollhouse kit. I got it in memory of my childhood dollhouse, which my dad never finished (exterior), my mom and I never finished (interior), and I no longer have. (Edit: I thought the dollhouse was by Greenleaf, too, but it looks like it was by Artply.) Sadly, not long after I got the kit, my dad unexpectedly had a stroke and passed away. Before that happened I was able to talk with him about how special that dollhouse was to me, and how I was making one in its honor. I've been working o
  9. Welcome, Linda! I'm working on the Orchid, and though it's not the same dollhouse, have to admit the walls not being lined up was one reason I picked that one, too. I hope you have a lot of fun!
  10. Holly, that's so tiny! I find 000 very tedious to do, so any smaller like 0000 sounds teensy. You and Olga are very talented to be able to work so small. :)
  11. Holly, I'm so sorry you can't do as much of the small scale needlework as you'd like to. I have tendonitis and find working so small with crocheting or knitting to make it act up more. You mentioned using double pointed needles. The smallest knitting needles I have are 000/1.5 mm. I remember looking all over online to find "real" teensy knitting needles years ago, rather than wood dpn (I have a mix of both since they are so hard to find). I ended up finding a site that sold them to make beaded purses, of all things! For ones with a decorative end, they go as small as 00000. I have two
  12. Olga, I looked at your website and Etsy shop and can imagine you will have such fun decorating a dollhouse with things like blankets, rugs, drapes, etc! Your work is so impressive, and it will be fun to see what you come up with.
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