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  1. Heat gun! I was cutting each of the glue joints with a knife and then scraping the glue off that way, but after seeing my frustration, my husband says, "here, use this heat gun to loosen them up." DUH! My dismantling time has been cut way down, and the glue is coming off much easier.
  2. I'm drooling over your Harrison album! your detail is exquisite! I love that you decorated in a Victorian fashion, as I also do not care much for Tudors.
  3. Any critique of the stairs? I think it looks good, but bland and boring. Maybe I'll just have to get a handrail for it and then it'll look better? This is all new to me, so I'm open to any and all criticisms and advice!
  4. Oh believe me, I have already torn, broken, and snapped a couple of pieces that I was not planning on having to remake. YES! Ugh it frustrates me because it has the potential to be SO beautiful, yet someone slapped it together with hot glue. I've already started taking it apart, so I guess I'll just keep on trucking until I can get it all off!
  5. Also, I've decided to go with a "modern farmhouse" look for the interior. I really think it'll give this little (actually it's quite large for a dollhouse in my opinion) house some fresh life! I have taken apart the first floor stairs and painted/stained them. Below is what they looked like before (nasty, thick paint and haphazard hot glue job) and after! What do you all think?
  6. Hello all! I picked up this "less than beautiful" dollhouse for $65 and am redoing it. Any suggestions on what to do design wise? Craft wise? Technique wise? This is my first dollhouse and I want to make the effort as painless as possible! P.S, if anyone knows what the name/manufacturer of this dollhouse is, that'd be great! I believe it's a kit, because it has pegs/holes for many of the pieces that go together.
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