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  1. Thanks everyone! Was able to make it work with toothpicks, gorilla glue and a lot of patience :)
  2. Hi again! Making some progress on my Duracraft VM800 and have a question. I’m ready to paint the outside, but some of the window mullions are broken. They’re made of wood, and I’m trying sawed off toothpicks now but am having a terrible time getting them to stick together. Tried wood glue and tacky glue, they’re just so tiny! Any genius tricks out there? Can’t post a pic, no matter what I do it always says the photos is too big.
  3. Ldecs

    Tower Ceiling

    How in the world did you do this?! I’m in the middle of redoing the same house, and the clouds were one of the ideas I had - we had it in an old house! I can barely get in there just to strip the old stuff off!
  4. EDIT: I’m planning on putting up crown moulding and baseboards too, in case that matters. Thanks!
  5. I didn’t!! Thank you so much! I’ve been out of town and not online, will read these all and see if anything works. Thanks!!
  6. Hopefully someone has a miraculous cure for me on this one No easy task, but I was finally able to get all of the wallpaper off the walls of my dh. I’ve now discovered that there are three or four different types of interior walls. Some are literally slats of wood, some are a thick textured rough thing, and some are smooth as a baby’s butt. Problem is...I wasn’t planning on using any wallpaper, and wanted to paint each room. I’ve looked thru the forums and found several suggestions...”false” walls of poster board, watercolor paper...wallpaper liner...spackle...gesso...
  7. @JaimeG - I recently purchased a dollhouse and have come across the same issue. Wondering how you resolved yours and what you needed to get to get it working. I too have all of the wiring installed by whoever built it, but it’s not hooked up to anything and I can’t figure out where to go from here.
  8. Update: so there’s no “black box” under the dollhouse. The only thing under the house is wires. I got some photos of the wiring...and the other side of the mysterious plug hole. I’ll post below.
  9. Thank you! I’ve got the house at a different location, so I’ll get a photo as soon as I can get over there.
  10. Do the kits come with wiring/power? I think the answer is no, but worth asking. I’m working on my first DH project now and it’s that house. It didn’t come with a power cord, and I’m having a terrible time trying to find out what I need.
  11. Hi there! I’ve just started my first project, rehabbing an old Duracraft VM800. I’ve removed the windows, stairs, trim and wallpaper and am ready to start priming etc. The house is all wired, but it didn’t come with a power cord and I’ve had no luck researching it online. I’ll add a photo of the hole where the power cord plugs in, that’s literally all the info that I have. I’m at a standstill until I can get a power cord, so any help would be HUGELY appreciated. I don’t want to go forward with priming or painting until I can test the power and see if the lights and wiring are
  12. Thank you so much! Between here and FB I feel like I’ve learned so much in the last two days, I’m ready to dive in.
  13. Hi! I’m new here and have had so much fun scrolling through and seeing all of your wonderful ideas and tips. I’ve been wanting to make a dollhouse for years now, my dad made a custom one when I was little that looked just like our house. My sister somehow “lost” it (insert eye roll here) but I still have all of the goodies...including handmade needlepoint rugs by my mom, tons of little food items my dad and brother made, etc. Just no house. Until today. I had planned on doing a kit, and painting, wallpapering etc prior to assembling it. This beauty kind of fell into my lap t
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