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  1. Talking to my mom, it was probably put together in the early 80s by my great Uncle for his Granddaughter. I'll see if it has hot glue - was helping a friend put hers back together & found that rubbing alcohol seems to work well on breaking it down. I was wondering if that was what the tape was for, I haven't gotten to see it in person yet, but it would be cool if it was. The house had been in an attic for more than 30 years, I'm sure the paper is crumbling, ahaha!
  2. @Samusa Thank you so much for your help! It's a bit sad that so much decorative stuff is missing, but I'll have to make do with what I can make & find.
  3. Hello everyone, it's been a few months since we last spoke - I had some things that took much too much of my time and energy (and tears and sweat, etc.). Since then, though, I built a simple room box for myself for Christmas (I need to post a fireplace I made). My family spent last weekend cleaning out the attics of a great uncle & aunt who are no longer with us. In the attic they found two dollhouses. I didn't get to see one which was supposedly finished and complete (it was kept for another) but I asked to rescue this incomplete piece from the dumpster. Not s
  4. He seems quite determined. ;) What a look of concentration he has, lol
  5. My mother was cleaning out her craft drawers and found these two cute (and cheap! ahaha) finds from Walmart long ago. She found a school-themed lamp and some crayons as well. I'm guessing she probably bought them in the early 2000s - thank you Mom for spendings a few quarters on these cuties!
  6. We had been working from some real furniture dimensions, but has to size it down a little from 1:12 for fit properly. Our "copper tub" and bed we've made are smaller than what they ought to be, ahaha
  7. Definitely love this add-on. It is a very intricate house! <3 I'm quite sure we're going to be adding on at least one downstairs room this weekend. For most houses you'll be building it out (length-wise) and up (to add more stories), correct?
  8. We are noticing while working on our first dollhouse, my friend and I are coming to terms with how actually "Shallow" the house is. We are working with an Orchid. I know that the rooms can't be too deep - you have to see and be able to "play" into them, but we're now wondering if different models have different interior depths or if this is just a standard part of the medium that must be accepted. We realize also, that in a real home there would be items pressed against that 4th wall that we've removed for our own viewing pleasure. We've already begun discussing building on
  9. We have a few Quartz crystal mines around the area of Hot Springs, and if you travel an hour-ish to Murfeesboro you can dig for diamonds (but generally you'll get more keepsakes from the Quartz mines, lol) My parents were/are rockhounds so they drug us down there on occasion, lol
  10. Sylvie_Sobel


    That is a nice fabric! It suits the pillows well. (:
  11. You're welcome! Hope you can visit someday! I have several friends from Wynne. My favorite ones have always been near Hot Springs - crystal digging!
  12. Shareb, All of those kits sound fun! I have to do more research if I want to put one together and see which would be best to go at first. "The Natural State" is the nickname for the U.S. state Arkansas which boasts over 50 national parks and one where you can dig for diamonds. (: I saw someone who mentioned another state nickname in their subject line and thought it was fun. Plus it's a little more interesting than,"New here!" or "Hi, I'm from Arkansas! We are known for Bill Clinton (Politician) and Johnny Cash (Musician)".
  13. That is a super adorable kit! I've helped assemble 2 robotimes - Jason's Kitchen & the Garden porch. I'm hoping to find a kit that is a little wintery-like so I can have it displayed on our fake mantle - ahaha. I took it from the ballet "La Sylphide" and when I was in school I used in French class - but that's been many years ago, ahaha. I will definitely have to look into Sylvie & Bruno though. I got my initial kicks with small papercraft things by spending an afternoon putting a Calico Critter Market together. Plus there's something about a die cut of a bo
  14. Good Morning All, Please call me Sylvie (or other variations of the screen name). I was trained in Graphic Design and studied art in college, but I've always held a soft spot in my heart for various crafts - especially miniature crafts. I live in a very small apartment, so constructing a full dollhouse at this time is a no-go, but I'm hoping to assemble a smaller robotime or cuteroom. Currently (and this is what brought me into the dollhouse community) I've been helping a friend assemble a Greenleaf Orchid and all of the little accouterments. It has been a lot of fun - low in fr
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