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  1. oh gosh thank you for that was wondering why I could not find it. I think my next one will either be a gothic Victorian house or a coffee / tea shop lol . not going to lie I would LOVE to re-create the town of Middleton from the TV series The Good Witch on Hallmark channel. And I have to do a Victorian doll house with a barn and stable for my daughter … oh man I am so so so in trouble lol
  2. thank you guys for the helpful tips, I put the entire frame together. I'm addicted already , oh boy, I already want another one once I finish this one lol. It does have an attic, but no stairs or opening to the attic, soo I'm gonna have to fix that. . I'm literally going to make a trap door lol and put a spiral stair case in so it goes up to the attic lol. I did not add the trip as I have to finish the exterior. the kit may have had some water damage, some of the pieced literally crumbled in half, soo , glued those, will be applying wood filler , sanding, priming then doing the wall paper ( which I have yet to decide on lol ). so much to learn I am so excited.
  3. Hello, I am new to doll house miniatures but have always wanted to do one. I was given a basket case Little Cottage Shop Green Leaf Doll House Kit, I am so excited but do not know where to start. Do I build it first or do the exterior and wall paper first? Flooring would have to wait for electricals right.? What tools are a must have for doll house miniature building? Not going to lie I am itching to start.
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