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  1. Love those house of miniatures, lots of unopened boxes from the 70s and 80s for reasonable prices. Polystyrene might be nice too, appreciate the suggestions
  2. Thank you! Are you talking about the kits that Greenleaf sells or are there any other ones you recommend?
  3. Yes! Good reference and thank you! Thank you! I agree about the contrast, my color choices were evolving as I was building, and I realized too late that the colors were too dark/similar. Ok, so I got sidetracked putting together an aquarium, as well as model trains (also both very addicting hobbies), so I’ve been off of dollhouses for a bit...however, my next dollhouse I want one of the Greenleaf laser cuts, either the Tennyson or the Jefferson. I also like the RGT New England Colonial line. So it will be one of those 3!
  4. Thanks! Can’t wait to build more thank you holly
  5. Thank you both! I love the Poe portrait too
  6. I always keep a bottle of debonder nearby...if you’re not stuck to anything (except thumb to finger) soak your hands in warm water. I rarely use thin CA glue anymore, that stuff is downright dangerous. I have experience building RC aircraft and they are all laser cut nowadays. Happy to hear that dollhouses benefit from the precision too. Thanks for the input, and it’s good to know about the MDF.
  7. Just finished my first dollhouse, a haunted Orchid. I'm already looking for my next one. There's 3 things I know I want: a laser cut Greenleaf house, a Real Good Toys house, and a colonial house (because I grew up in one). So I'm thinking either the laser cut Jefferson or Tennyson. If I do the Tennyson I would get one of New England colonials from RGT. If I do the Jefferson I would pick a different house from RGT. I want 1" scale. The Orchid was awesome for the price but really took a lot of work to get it finished, a lot of flaws with the wood. I mean what can you expect f
  8. So it took me quite a while but my first dollhouse is done! Its a haunted Orchid. Still quite a bit of decorating/furnishing/haunting to do but the hard part is done at least. I had worked on it for a few months last fall, put it away, and got it out again this past August. Quite a bit of time but to be fair I barely worked on it some weeks, other weeks I spent close to 20 hours on it. I learned a lot but there are quite a few things I'd do differently for my next dollhouse. I'd like to share what worked and what didn't to get peoples thoughts and opinions. There are definitely some t
  9. Well its been over a year but dollhouse is finally complete in time for Halloween! Just thought I'd share a photo to this topic. I will post more photos in a separate post. Thanks for the help.
  10. I know its been over a year but dollhouse is finally complete (mostly). Here's a pic of how the floor came out. I ended up just snipping the popsicle sticks, gluing them, staining them, and a couple coats of polycrylic. Not perfect but it came out pretty nice. I'll post more pics of the dollhouse in another post.
  11. Thank you everybody, a lot of great ideas and photos here. I may just use the square ended craft sticks from Walmart in the interest of saving time...then I'm guessing a bed of wood glue and lay them all down with some weight to keep them flat? Do we try to alternate lengths so they don't all butt up to each other at the same spot on the floor? Then I'm just planning on taping off walls (which are primed, I doubt I'm going to do much with them this year as I want this in time for mid October), and brushing on some stain. Was also planning on staining the stairs the same color and spr
  12. I just found those too--they seem perfect and will definitely save time. As long as you you don't need wide floorboards typical of old houses they are fine. I think the ones I bought are 1/4" wide, so equivalent to 3" wide boards. It definitely works.
  13. Oooh, a mini miter saw! I love it.
  14. Working on my first house, the Orchid...haven't gotten to the interior yet but thinking ahead I was planning on doing hardwood floors using popsicle sticks, any handy tricks to making the round edges square? Or just dremel or snip each one by one? My floor is slightly under the front door entrance right now. Directions say to ensure its level with doorway, but it seems better to have it be a little lower to allow room to install the flooring.
  15. What a great idea with the bamboo skewers for the bay window. Thank you!
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