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  1. I love mine. If you are on Facebook there a is group called Miniatures made by Cricuters. Just to give you an idea of all the cool things you can make.
  2. Thanks for your responses. I did try and find which house it was and came across the Ashburton, but it's a different house. I found that it is from this store (pic attached) I did also knock out a wall already, will see if I decide to put it back in or not.
  3. Thank you! that's a great idea, I'll look into baterry operated lights. Makes sense about the furniture too, I think I am just going to have to eyeball it . Looking forward to getting started on it :)
  4. Hi Fov, it's 1:12 house, the ceiling height is 9 inched tall and the door way is 7" tall. I got the piecesof furniture pieces because they were listed as 1:12, but I agree they do look much smaller in the house.
  5. Hello! I'm fairly new here and am working on my first dollhouse for me (I renovated one for my littles) I have this beautiful front openening dollhouse I go for a steal on Craigslist and have a bunch of ideas for it and have done tons of research. But here are my questions: 1) The sides of the dh have structural beams which I want to do cladding over, rather than in vetween. My plan was to put a thin piece of wood to cover it all and do my siding on that... however, I am wanting to cut out windows on the sides and back. How would I go about adding windows if there's a gap between the external siding and the covered up original wall/structure? 2) I would like to add a porch light, since it is front opening how would I wire this? I plan to have electrics on the back of the house. I've seen one method by using the hinges as a bridge. Is there an alternative solution? 3) I'm going be making some of my own furniture...etc, but when I convert them into 1/12 scale, it still feels rather large in the house and floor space becomes scarce. |The ones in the picture are bought items. Any tips/advice? 4) I have the same beams problem with internal walls too, how would you go about covering those up so I can add baseboards and make it look realistic? I am struggling to find information on front-opening dollhouses and inspiration- I am going for a fairly modern theme with mine. Thank you again for your time!
  6. @Mid-life madness @Debsrand56 Thank you for your responses and links, I'm now re-thinking the idea because I'm looking for a much cleaner, modern finish. The room cardbox does look great with the strips. @BWMurphy That looks great, why would you say satisfactory? and from your personal experience, what has achieved results that you are happy with? Thank you so much for the responses- difficult to respond back immediatley having 2 little ones!
  7. Hello! I am finally hoping to start on my own dollhouse after renovating a dollhouse for my toddler. I am thinking about the weight of the house, as well as cost and have searched and searched and have not found as many photos of siding made with cardboard or upholstery strips. I would love to see some examples! Thank you I have also attached a picture of my dh, it is front opening and I will be making some modifications to the exterior to add modern touches and am also thinking of cutting windows on both sides.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm brand spanking new to the world of miniatures and dollhouses. I'm a Brit living in Vancouver, BC. I'm currently renovating a play dollhouse for my kids for Christmas and then bought myself a dollhouse for me because I wanted to work on one where I could concentrate on details. Very excited to get started- the dollhouse I bought has the shell already assembled, but that is it. It's a front opening house. I have zero experience with anything like this- but am creative and love decorating my real house.
  9. Thank you. This is what I have watched after doing some searching on the forum.
  10. Hi there, I am brand new to the world of miniatures and dollhouses. I found an amazing deal on a dollhouse and have decided that I would like to electrify it and have done a lot of research. I will be going with the tape wire system. My question is: Do I have to get 'dollhouse' approved power supply and connector? (I was thinking of the CR2S 2 amp 12 v power supply and connector) or can I get any 12 volt 2 amp DC power supply like this: https://www.amazon.ca/Kuman-Adapter-Regulated-Display-Raspberry/dp/B01H05QVVE/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1538112462&sr=8-4&keywords=2a+12v+power+supply and connectors like this soldered to the tape wire? https://www.amazon.ca/Sysly-Female-2-1x5-5mm-Adapter-Connector/dp/B071P8DP1H/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1538112577&sr=1-5&keywords=power+connector Thank you
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