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  1. what color and shape is 41-1? I have a random box of What's Next Shingles but the top tab where the number is stamped is badly faded and i can't make it out.
  2. I have the Barbie dream house that is an a frame - white with yellow trim and red roof
  3. Hi, I am an adult with autism spectrum disorder who has miniatures as one of part of my rotating cycle of special interests. I have a RGT colonial which was a thrift store rescue (repair/rehab complete - decorating 90% complete). I also have a thrift store rescue that I think is made by battat which originally was a european style dollhouse with opening front doors and a closed back. but is now missing the doors. From my childhood I have a barbie dream house, tomy smaller house and gardens and galoob lil house wonderful in storage.
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