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  1. I live in Chicago and I think that three shows in one weekend is overwhelming! I remember going to the Tom Bishop shows as a child and look forward to going to that one first.
  2. Good eye and great catch! $66 for all that is a steal. Especially since the #5028s are out of production. The original 1979 prices are still marked on my boxes and you paid less than my dad did back in the day. The 5030s are still nice but side by side, the 5028s are truly ornate. Have fun designing with them!!
  3. I have one of those too! Can’t wait to see how yours develops. Enjoy!
  4. Christine70

    upholstery UGH

    (Jaw drops). Is that a needlepoint rug or tiled floor? Did you make it? Stunning. I could totally grab a book and go sit there and read all day....
  5. No worries - I would have had to buy any manufacturer to complete the house - so your suggestion was very welcome! As I re-enter the mini-world, it’s interesting to see the makers of the various pieces I have to see if they are still around or not - or to what extent. It’s also good to learn about other makers too. More knowledge!!
  6. She sort of gave it to a very close family friend who does a lot of modeling/toy soldier painting. She was not interested in building it or taking on such an involved project. If he ever gets around to it, she wants to see the evolution of it but he's a busy guy. It may be sitting encased for a long while yet.
  7. Christine70

    ACP Victorian

    Resurrecting this ACP Victorian after nearly 40 years. This is as far as my dad and I got on it then. Fortunately he had the foresight to get all the components. I'm picking up the pieces and looking forward to the process!
  8. Seek and ye shall find.... First, a thank you to everyone that chipped in with suggestions. I was up late last night searching and pondering on all of them. I was sure that my dad would never have bought “one” window and thought to buy the rest later. This dollhouse and all the pieces were in their special place in his basement. When my siblings and I took turns to clean it out, a box containing the balance of the windows went in the wrong direction. A few calls to my brothers this morning produced what I needed. Turns out, there are even extras. I’ll hold on to them in case so
  9. That’s the house. It stands 42” tall and is 35” long. As soon as I can upload photos, I’ll include the original instructions that had an image of an undressed kit assembled.
  10. My sister had the Queen Anne. My dad was ambitious thinking he could build two of these for daughters. Hers never made it out of the box. I’m eager to check out your blog as well and see what the QA really could turn into! Nice to meet you!
  11. The rest of my finishes are HW and I did send them an email as a long shot this evening. I would be open to a similar high-quality window to HW.
  12. I am finishing a 40yr old American Craft Products Victorian house. I have all the finishes except the windows. I have (1) HW #5028 and need (9) total. It appears this is a model no longer produced and the #5030 seems a suitable but less ornate replacement. Anyone have (8) #5028s around? With an internet search, I may have the only one left on the planet ;-( The #5028 matches the (2) uninstalled #5027s I also have. If I can’t find the 5028s, I will have to substitute those as well.
  13. Good afternoon! A new member here with an American Craft Products Victorian home. The kit was a Christmas present from my parents (1979?) and my dad and I began the task of building, wiring, and painting. We were subscribers to Nutshell News and went to dollhouse shows for ideas and accessories. At one point, we just stopped - can’t remember why - and it remained unfinished in their basement. We joked about completing it but never did. They passed away, my siblings and I had to clean out their house, and this had to be relocated. I’m going to finish what was started and I’m excited abou
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