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  1. My brass tubes arrived and I was eager to try and get the wire through the brass tube. There is no way the size wire I have is going through a 1/16 tube so I have to have either the wrong wire or the wrong tube. I just came back to your comments to check, and it says you used 1/16 brass tube, so I have that part right. So I must have the wrong wire, what size wire did you use? Dona
  2. donajlp

    Living Room

    I swear they copied this from my grandma's livingroom back in Dearborn Mi. this house is almost a carbon coby of her house and I am so homesick now at age 62 mind you.Now I know for sure my next doll house will not be a cute cottage, or a gorgeous stately mansion. I think I am going to copy my grandma's 50' 60's kitsch house. She was queen of kitsch.
  3. A BIG THANKS to all of your reply's. I did not think about the pros of the glossy paper, I was concerned it was a Knock off for one, and second how it would "show" seeing I have never had glossy paper in my own home and this is my first miniature home. And I do appreciate the comments and suggestions on the application for wallpaper too. I am leaning towards card stock right now only because I think I may be able to get a smoother finish if I can deal with it on the outside of the house, but I am not there yet and probably will change my mind thirty more times before install time. I just put the stone work up on the front foundation, and I am quite proud of how it's starting to look from start to now. (still have a super long way to go!) Again, super great source for answers and questions, I have been here many times looking around already and love everyone's work. Dona
  4. I just ordered wallpaper from itsy bitsy and although I am a newbie to all this (this is only my 3rd order of wallpaper) I was distressed to see the wallpaper sent me was glossy when this was not mentioned in the ad. I don't know if it was just my particular sample or if it's all the paper that comes from itsy bitsy? I am wondering if someone copied their pattern or someone took a photo and then developed?? Can you seasoned people out there comment on this? They have some cute patterns, but I am really afraid to try them again. And while I am on my comment: after spending hours scraping off old wallpaper (I am rehabbing a dollhouse given to me), I am wondering the best way to hang wallpaper in these tiny houses so the person following me doesn't curse me with every scrape. I have heard every thing from rubber cement to putting on cardboard, and adding that to walls. All you veterans out there, before my first sheet goes up, any suggestions?
  5. I see you used the chrysnbonbath kit for your bath fixtures and I looked it up as I loved it. It says it is made of polystyrene. How does that feel to the touch and does that make the fixtures feel really flimsy? Donajlp
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