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  1. Here is my dollhouse Pinterest board. From there you can find the Westville board. https://pin.it/7fd3i5ccronubz
  2. Thanks for the kit info. She has one of the stove I want which would be less expensive than the metal pre-made one I’m looking at. Decisions, decisions...
  3. Thank you both for the warm welcome! Holly, thank you for the book recommendation, I’ve added it to my wish list as well as her other books. They all look really helpful. As for the Westville, I’ve done some research on it (I love researching stuff). Greenleaf’s claim about it being a catalogue house isn’t true. The original house was built in the 1860s or so, long before catalogue houses were available (1900 or so). I have a few photos of it, posted on Pinterest, that we’re taken in the 1950s, including a couple interior photos. I was so stoked to find those! I don’t know if sharing links to Pinterest is okay here or not, so if anyone wants to see let me know.
  4. Holy crow, that’s over $100 on Amazon.ca. I think I’m going to have a mini shopping list next time I visit.
  5. Hi folks, I’m Deborah and I live in northern British Columbia. I completed one dollhouse with my mum (Dura-Craft Newburg) many years ago. My current plan, but we know how those can change, is to do a Greenleaf Westville set vaguely in the 1930s-1940s. After that I’m thinking of doing a Beacon Hill (anyone else watch Teen Wolf?). Although I also want to do a Glencroft and a log cabin (based on Laura Ingalls little houses, that’s blamed on a, uh, thanks to a member here although I cant remember who it was). So little time, so many little houses!
  6. Wow! I’d swear I was looking at a real house in some of those photos.
  7. Seems like the good stuff gets bought up quickly. *sigh*
  8. Thanks for the company name. They’re available on the Canadian site. I’m going to have fun digging through their inventory.
  9. I have one too! I think it is a Hallmark ornament (I got mine through Amazon). AND it lights up!
  10. For some reason I’m getting an error when I click on the link. Anyone else having issues? Edit: never mind. It’s in a thread that’s over a year old. Oops!
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