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  1. Amazing house Holly, and also amazing how you built it and finished it all off. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Cardboard. Yes I know that so will try it out. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks KathieB for the info. The trouble is I have unfortunately already glued the whole house together and yes, it is really terribly hard to get to places like the back walls and the back of the side walls and I do want to paint the template so will just go ahead and try it out and see how it goes. Learning so much.
  4. If it is as good as the rest it will be magnificent !
  5. Thanks Terry, but what is 'cardstock' please? How would it go with all the paint on it and then the thin boards stuck to that for the panelling and dado boards? Would cardboard hold all that stuff?
  6. Thanks so much for answering KathieB, but how does the thin cardboard go when painted and when it has the timber pieces glued to it when doing panelling above and below the dado board? How would it hold all this, especially the paint?
  7. I will remember this for my kitchen shelves. Where did you get the labels finally?
  8. Beesy

    Final kitchen side

    You have done a wonderful job with it. Congratulations!
  9. Beesy

    Fancy Bed finished

    Very well done.
  10. Beesy


    Bathroom floor is lovely. What did you use for it?
  11. Beesy

    Another Attic View

    Oh, that was what the manhole was for. Very clever.
  12. Beesy


    The floor is very well done and shows it too.
  13. Beesy


    Beautiful stair landing area and with a manhole too. Lovely wallpaper.
  14. Beesy

    The Fairfield 2

    Perfect outside finish. Wonderful.
  15. Beesy


    Very nice indeed. I love the colours.
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