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  1. Thanks havanaholly! That makes life easier. GailGW, great suggestions; I'll reply in a PM.
  2. You are a gem!! Your dollhouse looks just like what mine will be when it grows up. If you really were able to trace out some pieces for me, that would be amazing. I'll attach a picture below. The yellow arrows show which big pieces I'm missing (upper and lower front pieces, and a medium-sized bit of the inner roof).
  3. Thanks for the advice! That example house you included is spectacular. I studied the diagrams again after reading what you said and I think you're right, using the other pieces as a guide I just might be able to figure it out. Definitely like the idea of buying pre-made doors and trim. Time to be brave and customize!
  4. Great suggestion, thank you! Update: Just got a reply from customer service. Unfortunately "that dollhouse is laser cut now (a different manufacturing process) and the parts are incompatible with [my] kit." So - back to square one. Any other suggestions are much appreciated!
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new here, and I'm on a mission. I discovered a vintage dollhouse kit - the Tennyson by Artply - in my parents' attic, but when I opened the box, I discovered that two of the parts sheets were missing (#s 4 and 11, if you check out my photo). Obviously, this kit has been discontinued and I have no way of ordering replacement parts, but it would make me sad to just scrap the rest of the kit. So I'm appealing to all you experts - what should I do? Is there a way to re-create what I'm missing, or somehow work around it? I haven't made a dollhouse since high school, and I don't have a lot of confidence in my ability to create something out of nothing...but I'd love any suggestions you might have! Thanks!
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