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  1. Did you find what you need? I have the duracraft farmhouse 505 and I still have some windows not put in that I can measure for you?
  2. Kathie, thank you for the idea. I did find some pins on a doll house parts website, hopefully they work. If not I will try your idea. Holly, The missing parts are a bummer, definitely learned a lesson about trusting people when they say everything is in the box.. I can't start much until the parts I ordered come in. I have to measure out and cut out a whole bunch of little pieces too. I am so impatient I want to get cracking! Haha. I am able to start some of the foundation and little things but I can already tell that I will have more questions for the doll house veterans on here.
  3. I believe it is for hinges. The parts list called them hinge pins and the instructions called them pivot pins. Google is yielding nothing.
  4. Does anyone know where I can buy hinge pins? My doll set was missing a lot of parts and I am having a tough time finding hinge pins. Thanks a bunch for any help!
  5. Carrie, thanks! I have already started googling and looking at farm house threads here. i am so glad I found this group. Christine, I hope you enjoyed your visit to Reno!
  6. Karin, thanks for the tip. I would have been baffled by mismatching pieces if you hadn't told me. Holly, I lived in Guam for a bit, definitely prefer dry heat even if the temperature gets hotter than the island. Hi Mike!
  7. HI Holly! My kit is a Duracraft, sorry I thought I posted in a Duracraft thread, I am still learning the website. Thank you so much for the tips, I will definitely go over the instructions a few times and matching up pieces before doing anything. I will ask my husband for help but he works a lot and likely won't have time, I took on this project knowing that he would be little to no help haha.
  8. Hi Donna! Funnily enough I am from Northern California, Near Santa Rosa. We moved here 3 years ago to be closer to my dads family. I hope you are enjoying your visit with your kids!
  9. Kathie, thank you for the dry fit idea. I definitely would have just started gluing things together if you hadn't said something haha.
  10. Hi all! I am so excited to have found this community! I am a stay at home mom and I love crafting. I can't live without having a project and I am thrilled to enter the world of miniatures. My biggest dream growing up was having an authentic doll house like the ones you see in Hook or Rose Red. My family was large and poor so that was never in the cards for my sisters and I. Now my dream is to provide the perfect doll house for my daughter and I have been stock piling doll furniture for a while now. I am super excited to get a step closer to my goal now that my husband has bought me a FH 505 fa
  11. HI everyone! My husband bought me a Fh 505 farm house on Facebook for $40 for our anniversary and I have no idea where to start. I am new new newborn new to this, literally need everything dumbed down. I have been researching duracraft dollhouses and I am having trouble finding anything on 505 farmhouses. I am a visual person and need to see to learn, does anyone know of any video's or helpful tutorials for super newbies? I did find a victorian doll house tutorial but I felt he was skipping basic info and steps that people with no experience need to know. Any info and tips are greatly apprec
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