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  1. I love the Orchid! I also "rescued" a begotten home & am bringing it back to life. :)
  2. I discovered the blog via Pinterest early on! Just amazing tutorials & super informative. That blog is the reason I decided to try to tackle building the kitchen custom rather than purchasing a kit or finished piece. I'm working the sink into the bay window, which helps open the flow considerably...that is if it works out ;)
  3. I just couldn't pass it up!
  4. I haven't quite decided how to tackle the steps. They were not attached to the dollhouse when I discovered her. I think she'd be lovely with wrought iron steps, but I'll have to peek at a few more tutorials on handling wire first!
  5. Hello, I am fairly new to minis, but have always had an affinity for interior design. My husband & I have flipped/restored a few homes, so working on a tiny version has been a nice little adventure. I have an antique dollhouse my grandpa built my mother that I have been WAY too terrified to touch, but just recently found a Newburg for $3 at a thrift shop. I figured for less than I spend on my coffee I wouldn't be too upset if the whole thing was a wash. It's been fine so far. Lots of prep work & research into building some miniature items to fit the space better. I
  6. Hello, I stumbled upon a Newberg at a local thrift shop for $3 the other day & obviously couldn't pass bringing it home. It was spray painted pink, had glitter glue adorning the exterior window casings & the roof was a lovely sponge painted gold & purple -- OOF. Anyhow, I've repainted the exterior to mimic local Victorian home I'm in love with, but wanted to reach out for some suggestions to replace the missing trimmings for the arched window frames. Reframing the square frames was easy enough, I just used some bass wood from the craft shop, but for the curved frames I'm a
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