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  1. That built-in seems to confirm it! That cat even looks a lot like one of my three, haha.
  2. I was trying to ID my mystery rescued colonial and came across a picture of an old Greenleaf Jefferson kit that certainly looks like a match! This house was built around 1985 per original owner, so it wouldn’t be the laser cut one that they sell now, but rather the older version from the 80s. Is anyone familiar enough with this house to confirm? Here’s a link to the album with photos: http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/?app=gallery&module=gallery&controller=browse&album=8235 Thanks in advance!
  3. Apparently they were VERY committed to this blue fur, judging by the amount of glue they used to hold it down. Was really hoping it would be the first thing to go, and QUICKLY, but it’s definitely going to take some effort to be rid of it!
  4. Looks like a Greenleaf Jefferson?? Built around 1985
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