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  1. a Laurel? Un-bee-leeeev-able! [hearty applause]
  2. How old are the nieces who are the lucky recipients of your pink Tennysons?
  3. Love it, rbytsdy. Is that house one of the Real Good Toys bungalow kits?
  4. I would love to see an update on the "Another Pink Tennyson" house. :-)
  5. :-( Are the links gone forever?! It seems to me that they are a resource that's perpetual. I appreciate minime posting a link to the album, but I had already seen that. It's the links in the blog that I suggest be restored, if possible.
  6. I too have an ArtPly Tennyson -- apparently it's an early version because its instructions are entitled just "Dollhouse"!). My daughter and I assembled the kit in 1988, and are refurbishing it in 2018. In the update, I've been wanting to add a porch swing but couldn't figure out how to keep it from banging into the house wall. Until I saw your Tennyson, it didn't occur to me to hang the swing *parallel* to a wall -- duh!
  7. I found this thread for the first time on July 29, 2018. Today, I can get to Newt's blog from the link that Selkie provided on 12/30/17 (thanks, Selkie). HOWEVER, all of the links under the dollhouse names that I tried landed me on the homepage for the Greenleaf community. Can anyone tell me how to get to the photos, etc. that Newt posted? Thanks.
  8. This link wasn't working when I tried it (several times) in the wee hours of 28 July 2018. If possible, would you please repost the photo, 1martinimomma.
  9. The two houses sure looks similar to me too, Carolyn C. 1. Are you missing all of sheet #4 and #11, or just the parts indicated with arrows on your photograph? 2. I think I can get at those parts of my dollhouse to trace them. Even if there is some variation between our kits, I would think that the analogous parts would be similar enough that you could use my tracings to fabricate parts that fit your house. I'm thinking that you could (1) use my tracings to make the parts out of cardboard; (2) use those to get the fit you need; (3) cut the parts out of wood. 3. Assuming I can make the full-size tracings on paper that we are discussing, I will need your last name and postal address to mail them to you. I don't know this community's rules and procedures for members exchanging information privately. While I'm busy tracing dollhouse parts, howzabout you find that out from the Administrators.
  10. Here is a photo of my late 1980s ArtPly dollhouse (referenced in my previous post).
  11. Is there a photo on the box or the instructions sheet showing what your completed Tennyson is supposed to look like? If so, would you please post a photo of it so I can see if it is the same as a die-cut ArtPly dollhouse that I constructed in the late 1980s. Although mine seems to be a Tennyson, the kit from which it was built apparently predates that name. That is, I still have the instructions sheet for mine and they entitled just "Dollhouse." If your dollhouse is the same as mine, I might be able to help you. I am in the process of refurbishing mine, so I am partially dismantling it. If I can get to the pieces on my house that are missing from yours, I might be able to trace mine on paper and send those to you by postal mail.
  12. I'm considering a Washington, so I'd appreciate comments that specifically address stickyfingers' original question: What is the difference between the Washington and the Washington 2.0?
  13. GailGW

    Revised stonework

    How did you make the fire -- especially making it glow?
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