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  1. Holly, unfortunately the vellum that I use for my pencil art is 90 and 100 lb. Bristol Board and that will not work. I'll look into the lighter weight Vellum and rice paper at my art store and perhaps give those two papers a try. Thanks, much for the tip.
  2. Shannonc60: Your idea of making paper lamp shades saved my day and probably my dollhouse. I was becoming frustrated with the kit material and instructions. After reading your reply post, I went out on the Internet and found several (what I thought) were ideal lampshade patterns, then printed them out on 32 lb matte Premium Presentation paper and I am "tickled pink" with the outcome. Thank you so much. This forum is the greatest thing for modelers since sliced bread.
  3. The lights are a feature of my kit. There are 12 outside and inside lights. I have a sound board installed and as you walk up to the unit and clap your hands, all 12 lights light up. Clap your hands again and they turn off. I also have an off/on switch installed preventing random sounds from turning on the lights.
  4. I like both suggestions and will give them a try. Which E6000 do you recommend. The craft adhesive or the jewelry and bead adhesive? The craft adhesive I can have here by Monday through Amazon Prime. The bead adhesive will take longer since it is not through Prime.
  5. Good afternoon to everyone. I am in dire need of a workaround for 3 identical items of my present dollhouse. For years I have modeled scaled fishing schooners from scratch and thought I was patient and precise. They were nothing compared to the furnishings of the 1:24(?) dollhouse kit I now have in process. Here is my dilemma: The attachment shows a table lamp and shade (qty. 3) to be constructed. The lamp body has 2 fine wires running through the beads for the LED. It takes forever to get the body reasonably straight once assembled but then I cannot find a glue that will keep it straight or fasten the individual pieces together in a rigid manner. The second problem is the material for the shade is rather course and unravels when cut and is not something that I can be proud of. The entire assembly is 3.3 CM in height with the shade being 1.2 CM (large opening) in diameter. I have seven glues in my shop (G-S Hypo Cement, white glue, Tacky glue, Loctite Super Glue, Tilebond Wood glue, Tombow mono liquid glue) and none of them have worked for me. Frustrated is an understatement so I am requesting a workaround idea or advice on how I might make the existing assembly work. Any advice at all, good or bad will be welcomed.
  6. As I wrote in my Introduction, I am new to dollhouse construction but have been scratch building model ships for the past 30 or so years. The attachment shows my current progress on the Paris Coffee and Cake shop. It has been a very enjoyable build to date and I am now looking forward to dollhouse number two. If anyone has a suggestion for a second project somewhere between 100 and 200 dollars (a little over or a little less is OK), i would appreciate your input. Thanks much Rick
  7. Kathy, I forgot to mention that I use Grumbacher workable fixative that I purchas from an art store.
  8. Good morning Kathy. In my case, a workable fixative is used on my completed graphite drawings to protect them from smearing. The fact that it is workable means that I can accomplish any necessary touchup to the drawing even after the fixative has been applied. As I responded to Sable's post, I am now definitely a believer in its use on my dollhouse wallpaper.
  9. Sable: You have made a believer out of me regarding using a fixative on my wallpaper. I gave a wall covering a test application before pasting it to the wall and was pleased with how much easier it was to keep the wallpaper clean. I have now sprayed all of the remaining wallpaper. Thanks again and if you have any additional user tips that will help me improve the construction of my unit, please pass them on. I will be pleased to put them to good use.
  10. Thank you Sable. I will definitely try my fixative on the second story of my dollhouse wallpaper. I apologize if my reply post implied that I did not trust your judgement. I worded it poorly.
  11. Does anyone else apply fixative to their wallpaper? If you have another protective coating would you care to share it?
  12. I believe that I read somewhere in this forum (or in a blog) that it is best to spray a fixative on your wallpaper for protection prior to installing it. Can someone please enlighten me on the subject. If the statement is good, will a workable fixative be OK? I use workable fixatives with my graphite art and it would be nice if that was acceptable. While it is too late for my first dollhouse, I am looking for acceptable practices for my future projects. This forum is a terrific source of information and a blessing to newbies in this hobby.
  13. I've included a picture of a completed model and the progress on my model. My dilemma is what is the preferred type of glue to use where since dollhouses require several different materials. My previous hobbies of wood scale model ship building from scratch and model railroading only required wood glue, CA glue, and Model Master glue for ABS plastic. I am currently using YES paste and Original Tack Glue which are new to me. The YES paste primarily for wallpaper and Original Tacky for wood to wood. For the window film I have tried both with poor results. If someone could give me pointers, point me to a post or youtube video, that might help me understand what adhesive to use where, It would be a big help. Thanks much for your responses.
  14. I am having trouble with window material adhering to wood well and cloth to window material. I have tried gluing gluing the window material (.017") over both straight and curved surfaces and it barely holds, coming unglued with very little or no pressure. I have used Original Tacky glue and Yes paste with no success. I have also tried CA but that makes a mess of the window material and it cannot be cleaned. What type of material (film) is commonly used for window material and what is the best adhesive to use, preferably something that cleans up easily? No adhesive comes with the kit so I am left to experimenting. Loving this new hobby.
  15. Thanks everyone. I can see that this forum will be a great help in my new hobby. I have already started making a replacement for a kit cabinet that was way out of scale.
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