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  1. Inherited my grandmother’s dollhouse which was hand made by my great grandfather. It is in rough shape, but has all the furniture. Taking my time breathing life back into this piece of family history, and enjoying every minute of it!
  2. I built the blue beach cottage kit. For $20, it was fun. In creating this kit and researching dollhouse topics, I learned about light voltage, glues that work and don’t work and scale all at the same time. The scale is not 1:24 as advertised. However it was an excellent beginner dollhouse project for me. I ended up scrapping it, but using many of the accessories and tiny fabric pieces as decor in my goofy little off scale house I built next. It was definitely worth it.
  3. Hi Holly, Sorry for the delay. Below is the random house. I received it as a gift over 15 years ago and never finished it. Demo day took out old wallpaper, stairs (originally in kitchen), moved wall back, and stripped carpet and flooring. Currently, it needs windows, finish the wallpaper in the bathroom and put the tile down that I purchased. This last pic is just a bunch of stuff I threw in there for a four year old I was babysitting the other night. She had fun. I am also working on a custom light for the kitchen. Progress has been slow but cathartic.
  4. I am new. I am working on a random house kit I picked up a long time ago and never finished. I stripped the wall paper off and windows, and I am starting over. I have been finding real joy in learning how to wire it, make my own windows, and searching for furniture. All this is in preparation to build my daughter's dollhouse with her, a Dura-Craft Inc., FH 500 Farm House. It is from 1978, ironically the year I was born. Anyway, we got the dollhouse for her awhile back off Craiglist for $30. We are planning to work on it this summer when she comes home from her first year at college. I have re
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