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  1. I appreciate your suggestion KathieB. This site is a bit confusing. Thanks.
  2. I was told to keep my information and questions together in one spot. Hope this is right?
  3. Thanks. This sounds like it is a gamble to invest my time and money into it. I bought it online not knowing that hot glue was used. I will try to reinforce like you suggested but there is not much hot glue showing. I will start a new thread but feeling discouraged.
  4. I have just started back into miniatures after many years of being absent. I aquired an assembled Greenleaf Pierce. It needs a lot of work but it seems the structure even though it was put together with hot glue is very well put together. It was done quite a few years ago. I have no idea where to start. Pieces are missing or broken, mostly in the railings, trim, and Gingerbread. I want to put siding on as it was just painted and all the tabs are visible. There is some wiring but have no idea if it works. I tore the mac tac that was used on the floors off. If anyone has suggestions, I sure need
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