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  1. Thanks for all the reassurance, friends! I too have found consolation in that thought about the OSHA inspector--you know, nobody is really going to have to live in this house, so no mistake will have dire consequences. I made some progress today--I finally got the staircase to line up in the stairwell and it looks good. Next step will be to paint all the windows and doors--even though I don't need them right away, it will be easy to do and it will be nice to have that big step done. I'm kind of stopped on putting the walls together because I need some more wallpaper. And I need to do the f
  2. Hello! I'm new here. Some things about me: I have always loved miniatures. As a child, I had a large Ginny doll collection, a treasured dollhouse baby from Germany, and lots of little plastic dolls from the dime store. When I learned to read, “The Raggetty Paggetty Dollhouse” and The Borrowers were favorites. This is my first dollhouse. I’ve come close to buying one many times, but nothing was ever quite right. Then I saw The Fairfield! It was love at first sight. I like the way its rooms are at angles and not just a set of boxes lined up in a row. I’ve already been brow
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