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  1. Hi Simon...………..I did the plug swap on all my lamps. Used the small plugs and sockets from Cir Kit. I used the tape wire and pounded in the small sockets. Put about 24 wall sockets in my house. Very difficult to get them all working. Good Luck BOB
  2. Hi Andy...….. I went with Cir Kit directly from their web site. One really important was that I was able to get some real support from the staff. In addition to the kits, they will supply the lighting and tools. Good luck, I only electrified one house but get back to me if you want advise. Silver Dollar Over
  3. Hi Mike...…….Anyone who knows me knows I never let my spelling get in the way of a good store. It takes a while to finalize my short stories. That was funny. Later
  4. Hi Kim..….Try raping the eyelet about four times with some bare miniature lamp wire also take a small piece about half inch bare wire shaped like a hockey stick put in your eyelet hole. This combo will titin the hole and your bare wrap around the eyelet should make contact with your tape. If you think the eyelet still wont stay in stick some more wire in the hole as additional shim. Just my two cents Silver Dollar Out
  5. Hi Ash...…..The first thing I would think about doing would be to create a small fur overcoat with hat and mittens. As for the flooring issue, how about making a half inch raised platform area that comes out square into the room and goes all the way back into the porch area behind the wall. Then I would construct a railing around the new raised area to create a new reading nook. Good Luck Silver Dollar Out
  6. Hi Lita …….. I was wondering how you are doing and if you tried to make those sanding sticks. Silver Dollar Out
  7. Hi Lita…….. I used MDF siding on my house. I used a latex semi gloss. Thinned it out some. Put on about five or six coats with fine sanding in-between each coat. I made a set of sanding sticks. Take a popscickel stick and cut it on a 45 angle, glue fine sandpaper to it and than trim off excess after it is dry. Was just perfect for the sanding. came out perfect Have patience.
  8. Hi Lita.………….I took photos of each room and included a note card in each pic with measurements. This makes a perfect record for you and however ends up with the house. I took over a dozen of this type of picture. One other practice is to place your wall tape at a consistent height off the floor in each room. Follow the good illustrations available on line. The electrical work was the most challenging part of my build. Good Luck Silver Dollar Over and Out
  9. Genevra….Many years ago I designed my dollhouse so that it would fit in limited space and have adequate room sizes for play and re arrangement. If you look at my album you will see that my rooms are very much individual and could almost be constructed as you are planning. I look forward to your postings. Good luck continue thinking out of the box. Silver Dollar Out
  10. Dear Pam...….I must admit that I have never installed tape wire in a house that had all four finished sides, however, I have done some extensive reading on the subject. Take note of the wiring method in my album. What ever you take photos with a ruler so you know where your tape is. You can make a right or left turn by using a folded corner. Make sure all your brad fastened joints are double bradded or if using small eyelets, use double. You may want to run your upper tape under the flooring. Keep in mind you may be able to make your flooring so it can be slid out to make repairs. Tape wire can be run under wallpaper, however, you would be well served to run it near an outside edge where it could be hidden by trim or at least where you could replace a narrow strip if required. Bradded intersections are a real trouble area. Less is best. I whish I could be of better assistance. Take your time when planning your wiring and take lots of photos. Search on line for alterative intersection connections. Silver Dollar Out
  11. What great detail...….took a study hand
  12. Bob Hood


    Me my daughter and grand daughter.
  13. Note access hole to electrical storage that moves right up to the tape wire when you push the fireplace back.
  14. Hi Jenn...……..Take a look at my Albam and you can see the access hole behind the fireplace. Since I used tape wire all around the room I lined up two minisockets with the hole and the small plugs extend into the hole along with he extra wire. the hollow area behind the hole is about 1 1/2 by 1inch by 3/4 inch deep. The entire fireplace and chimney slides right out. Thanks for your comments
  15. Hi Nell...……..I am just sitting back at the moment and watching how the finishing touches of my build is coming along. One thing I did when constructing my fireplace and chimney was to include a cavity off to the side of my firebox to house excess electrical wire and connection plugs. I constructed the fireplace on its own movable platform. This would allow movement in and out of the house. As you slide the firebox into place the cavity would go tight against the wallpaper and my already installed outlets. This would provide seamless installation of the fireplace as well as hiding all electrical behind the unit. I don't know if you can create a big enough cavity to hide your batteries but I think you could make it happen. I don't have the extensive experience as most of the other members, but, I have a pretty good imagination. Thanks to everyone for your kind help. Silver Dollar Out
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