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  1. sara_lee

    Coffin side view

    Thank you! I used moss paint from folk art painted finishes :))
  2. sara_lee

    Out front 28.JPG

    Very neat compact facade.
  3. sara_lee

    Orchid -- Bedroom

    The bed is really adorable.
  4. I'm from Singapore, went to high school and university in the United Kingdom but now back in Singapore for the next few years. :)
  5. Wow, this is pretty posh bathroom. The rug is really detailed!
  6. This is really neat and modern. I love how clean it looks and how you've thought about the colour coordination in every bit :)
  7. sara_lee

    Music Room

    Thanks a lot! I've actually since bought two more instruments, a cello and a clarinet ;) One of my dolls likes music!
  8. sara_lee


    Thanks! I wanted it to look late Victorian/ americana. Like it's been well taken care of, but is still ageing gently and someone has thought about every detail of it and cared for it well :)
  9. sara_lee

    Close up of the pond

    Thank you, that's a real big compliment coming from you! I'm an admirer of your work. The pond is just clear resin poured over a waterproofed pond base (cut out of foam). Before pouring the resin I painted the base to make it look like there were different depths in the pond. I put some gravel in the pond as well as the resin was drying. I didn't colour the resin as I've found that makes it look a bit fake. I've actually since re-landscaped, so the Garden is no longer 'chinese' and the dragon is gone- I thought it didn't go with the rest of the house decor!
  10. Thank you! Blue is my favourite colour!
  11. sara_lee


    Thank you so much Mini maniac!
  12. sara_lee

    The Courtyard.jpeg

    This is real talent. Thanks for sharing
  13. sara_lee

    Linfield Progress

    Very art deco! Would love to see the final dollhouse.
  14. sara_lee

    Mausoleum stuff

    From the album: Halloween Mausoleum

    Other stuff that'll go around my halloween exhibit.
  15. sara_lee

    Coffin exterior

    From the album: Halloween Mausoleum

  16. sara_lee

    Coffin side view

    From the album: Halloween Mausoleum

    Lock and key
  17. sara_lee

    Coffin inside

    From the album: Halloween Mausoleum

    It's not blood, it's putrefying liquid!
  18. sara_lee

    Side wall

    From the album: Halloween Mausoleum

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