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  1. Those are some great ideas and information! Thanks guys. :)
  2. Hello everyone, I hope this is okay to ask here. I'm planning on using stain on my Arthur's floors and shingles. Possibly even the trim but that hasn't yet been decided. I'm hoping some of you have done similar and could provide some tips? What kind of stain would you suggest? Water or oil? Any tips for me before I undertake this?
  3. Skye

    Exterior almost done!

    Wow! This is absolutely beautiful!
  4. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I'm excited to get started and will definitely keep you all updated (once I figure out how to best do that)
  5. Hello everyone! I've been eyeing and reading about miniatures and dollhouses for a couple years now. I already love fairy gardens and am finally getting my very first kit tomorrow. It's the Arthur Dollhouse and I'm getting it from someone who bought it but never used it. I'm so very excited to start this new project and I hope to get to know this community along the way.
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