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  1. Welcome Dana. I love trains too. I’m really enjoying making my Orchid.
  2. Welcome Catherine, I’m new here also. The first mini I made was a sofa. Before I started my Orchid. Have fun.
  3. Thank you All for such great help. The search begins. . .
  4. Nathalie your dolls are amazing. Thank you so much for the link too. I’ve been looking for those micro beads for awhile. Going to make tiny flowers with them. Thank you again so much!
  5. Hello, I’m looking for vintage cabbage rose wallpaper. I’m not having much luck finding what I’m looking for. Making the Orchid into a shabby chic house. Best place to look? Thank you.
  6. Little update. I’m mostly done prepping. Hit a little snag. Finished gluing windows in then realized I hadn’t traced out the walls for wallpaper yet. Ugh! Spent most of my time today tracing out walls with windows & doors cut out. Progress is made. I’ve dry fit the main body structure. Mostly fits as is. Yippee. As soon as it looks a bit more like a house I’ll post some pictures. Right now All I have is parts.
  7. Thank you so very much. I just placed my order. Happy,happy lady.
  8. Thank you All so much for the helpful advice. I’m still sanding/priming for now. Waiting for wood filler to dry. More prep. work. Hopefully get to dry fit tomorrow.
  9. I just found “tiny turnings” on google. That’s what I typed in. Found a couple different ones. Sure would not want to try & turn them myself.
  10. I love all your ideas. I’ve been eyeing those magnetic jigs. Was wondering if I really needed this tool. Looks like the answer is yes. I love useful tools. Thank you again.
  11. Thank you All for the wonderful welcome. I’m in Vacaville,CA. I found a post last night (2am ish) saved it & now something went wrong with the save. So now I’m trying to find it again.
  12. I’m so happy I stumbled upon this post. Otherwise I’d still be wandering around this site lost trying to find instructions. Thank you Marli. I’m new here too. Just starting to build my Orchid also. The instructions with the kit are not detailed. Mesp2k thank you!! those directions are so much better.!!
  13. Hi everyone. I’m trying to build the Orchid. I can’t seem to understand the instructions that came with the kit. Can’t figure out navigating this site either. Help please I’m lost. I’ve punched out & primed the first few pieces. Is there an extended instruction sheet on here that I can’t seem to find. I am also not going to use hot glue that the kit recommends. Should I use quick grip or tie bond wood glue? Thanks so much for your help. Marcy.
  14. Hello All. I’m new to miniatures & Blogs. Ugh. I’m in California and am becoming addicted to minis. I just bought my first dollhouse and I’m very excited to get it going. Having trouble navigating this site though. Thanks for excepting me. Marcy
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