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  1. Thanks a ton! I just started a house for my niece and have little paint! And almost all the colors were free shipping! :)
  2. I'll have to try that, havanaholly. I managed to accidentally delete the first picture from the hosting site. westPaces, I got the dollhouse for $50 on facebook too! Although I almost wish I bought it new. It's been a mess getting apart and it's missing a piece. Not to mention that paint color is too much for me.
  3. Lol, that'd be easier than what I am doing! Also I apologize if my photos are oversized, it's been a while since I've had to post pictures like this.
  4. The previous picture is what the previous owner painted it. It is way too loud for me! This is what it was looking like when I finally got it all apart. This is what it is looking like now! I got this desk for $40 from Facebook just for this project! I am currently working on making hardwood floors. I am making them out of vinyl planks! I got the idea from this: https://www.littlevictorian.com/dollhouse-flooring/ Has anyone else tried making floors from vinyl planks?
  5. Finally getting around to uploading pictures, I think anyway. It's way more complicated than it should be. :o
  6. Even on wood glue? I was also wondering what everyone’s work stations look like. I have this huge dollhouse sitting on the floor in my office. And It’s a little out of place.
  7. Thanks for all the advice! I think this person used wood glue to join the pieces, I had tried prying gently, but didn’t want to break anything. I tried a hair dryer, but maybe it needed more time! Thanks for the suggestions for the primer and that tool looks awesome havanaholly. I am using my iPhone so I will have to upload some of the pics to my computer. Mans Marcy I found tons of really cool designs, mine were just tiny dowels, but some of the ones I found know were really ornate! Thanks again! If you think of anything else let me know!
  8. Hello everyone! As the title states I am new to this, but I have just purchased a partially finished Victoria’s Farmhouse. It’s basically a shell. However, I have lots of questions! •What tools should I get and invest in? Are there ones you wish you had when you were starting or one you can’t live with out? •The dollhouse is missing a piece! What should I do, is there a way to get a replacement? •The walls were not glued flush. There are gaps in a couple of places and the piece that is missing wouldn’t set flush if I had it because the roof would but up a
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