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  1. @jbnmini I sure do! I tried the hair dryer, hoping to reheat the glue, but it doesn't seem to do anything. I've been slowly chipping away at the house trying to make sure I don't damage the pieces I want to keep. I'm also working on wiring it for electricity. I'm thinking of doing all wire and no tape so I don't have to take it completely apart. I'm trying to figure out how to get in and drill a small hole in a corner with no room to twist a hand. Any tricks?
  2. Hello! Wow, I would of thought Salt Lake area would be large enough to pull a big show. I guess there's just not enough miniature enthusiasts in the area. I envy my sister in that regard. She lives in Portland area and is part of a club that meets once a week. I'm lucky to have a few people around here who will smile and nod when I get excited over my minis.
  3. @havanaholly Thank you! Yes, I remember the hot glue instructions. Thankfully I didn't follow those though and I can see firsthand why! I'll have to rig up a fair few of my own parts since this house had so many that are missing and broken. It sure will be fun to fix up, though! I've got a lot of plans for it. @Mid-life madness That's awesome! I'm in east Idaho with a full time job and little ones at home, so I probably won't be able to make it. It's good to know that there's something here in Idaho, though! I find it hard to find much of any selection. I usually have to go online to get the items I want.
  4. Just saying hello and introducing myself. I'm pretty new to miniatures. I've always loved little things but it wasn't until my sister got a huge 1:12 scale dollhouse from a member of her community that I realized miniatures was a hobby. At that point I got myself The Fairfield and I haven't looked back! I'm still working on my Fairfield and a few days ago I got The Garfield from a lady in my own town for an awesome price. I've wanted The Garfield ever since I've laid eyes on it so I snatched it when I had the chance, even though I'm still working on my Fairfield. Unfortunately, whoever put together the Garfield, did a poor job and it wasn't very well cared for. Everything I've found so far has been put together with hot glue, it's got tabs out of slots, pieces coming off,'s got some damage to multiple windows, shingles and a few doors. It's also missing a few pieces here and there. I'm excited to clean and fix it up but worried about some changes I want to make. I want to alter some of the layout during repairs but not sure how much I can do without breaking the house further.
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