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  1. Keith, There are no words............!
  2. Another suggestion would be using Pledge Floor Gloss ( formally known as Future Floor Wax). It's used to fill scratches and minor imperfections in clear canopy parts for model planes. I used it in making the window frames for my travel trailer. Use it straight from the bottle. No thinning necessary! I was going to send you a link to it but it looks like none of my photos made the transition. It dries crystal clear and cleans up with Windex. A little goes a long way. Remember to cover the window as it dries so nothing gets into it.
  3. I've been looking at grass myself and came across a few videos that really helped explain what could be done realistically. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9doHdoBpcZ0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFXgSky6JMU There are many static grass applicators on the market with some being quite pricey. I bought one that was much more reasonable. Of course I haven't used it yet so I can't vouch for how it does. It did have a number of positive reviews.
  4. Thank you Jen! You are correct about work! Keeping your mind occupied on the job at hand you have little time to stray off course! By the time I make it home I'm pretty "brain dead" for lack of a better term. Definitely helps to keep me from dwelling on things! Glad to hear things are good with you and yours!
  5. Thank you Kathie! It's good to be back! I'm glad I can help! The real heroes are the drivers that are out with the public every day! We've had several test positive and unfortunately lost a driver to the virus:( Our in house fabrication department came up with a design for "spit shields" to help shield the drivers. They are being made and installed as fast as possible. A group of volunteers have been sewing masks to distribute to all drivers/operators to help stop the spread. They are working away when I come in at 5:30 am and are still going at it when I leave at 6:30 pm! To help stop the spread we get our temperatures taken before we enter the building. That way anyone running a fever can be taken care of without risking the rest of us! I also thank those who are on the front lines during this crisis! They have the most unenviable of tasks! Bill
  6. Hi Everybody! Something told me to check the forum today and I'm so glad I did! You really have no idea how much you will miss something until it's gone! Thanks to all involved in getting the forum up and running in these "interesting times". Some may have noticed my absence before the site going down. In the span of a two week period my wife asked me for a divorce, my aunt passed after a long illness and my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Needless to say any one of these events can derail the creative process. Having all three at once just shut me down. I also was feeling immense pressure to get back on Dad's travel trailer project due to his illness. I was still buying things here and there but physically working on it was immensely challenging. Things started to look up at the beginning of 2020. My divorce was finalized in February and Dad's treatments begin in a few days!. I've started finding my creative "spark" again in other much smaller projects. I hope to resume work on the trailer soon. I've not had much time to work on much anything as of late. Working in the vehicle maintenance side of St. Louis's mass transit (bus) company, I'm deemed an "essential worker". On top of that we have been working 60 hour weeks. That doesn't leave much time to do a lot at home. Despite that I feel truly blessed to be working when so many are not! So I do what I can on the weekends. As of now my family and I are doing ok virus wise. Enough of my ramblings. To my online "family" know I hope and pray all of you are safe and healthy! Hopefully we soon can get off this crazy ride! Bill
  7. Brae that is simply amazing! You have a winner there regardless of the contest's outcome!
  8. Thanks Jess! Yes this is a wonderful community and am truly grateful to be a part of
  9. Jess I would like to apologize as well. Holly I'm sorry for dropping that on you Okay. Back to the current topic at hand!
  10. Hi Holly! It has been a long time Things have been a bit crazy here. I am unfortunately going through a divorce at the moment. I am thankful that this is probably the most amicable divorce on record and my wife and I will remain friends! Trying to iron out the details have left me a bit less creative as of late. I really want to get back onto the trailer and hope to in a week or so. I did go to the Miniature show here and get some cool things I will post pictures this weekend! I'm finally starting to see some light at the end of this tunnel. I can't wait to get back at it and share my progress with you and all the other fine folks here!
  11. Amazing as usual Brae! Thank you for your staining tip! I've been trying out various paints or stains with mixed success. I also end up with grain showing through the paint. I'll try your process and see if I can improve Is there a paint/stain medium ratio that you follow? Thanks! Bill
  12. The look is totally amazing! Excellent job Sir!
  13. Holy Cow Brae! That is some seriously amazing detail! All I can say is "WOW"
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