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  1. Wonderful work. The level of unique detail is perfect.
  2. Thank you! I actually used the same paper in the fireplace with the tiles going the opposite way. Great texture but horrible glittery finish originally
  3. CreatureCrafter

    My First Dolls house

    Purchased this broken and unfinished dollshouse and decided to try to make it mid century modern
  4. Thank you! It's a textured vinyl wallpaper that I spray painted Me too. It's similar in style to my real kitchen but would be much bigger if life size. That's a fantastic compliment, thank you so much for the kind words.
  5. I wondered if maybe it was 3d printed because it looks so good! Perfect.
  6. How is the wooden part of the chair made? This is incredible
  7. I purchased a free standing roll top bath today but it has no fixtures. Has anyone seen the shower unit below? It would be perfect but I can't find l similar that is not part of a whole (very expensive) set or cheap and silver. The image is from a fab blog makeminemini, I have reached our to the blog owner but thought maybe someone here would know?
  8. Its very easy to use and fix mistakes. You can make something and then go back and add to it once dry with wet clay. I have used it previously for making sections of brickwork, pathways, making dolls. White clay is great (and what I prefer to use) because its is so easily painted. You can also add a small amount of acrylic paint to it before making to get a pale colour of your choice. I have found just a small amount doesn't affect the drying. Also watch out as some brands can crack badly when drying but as I said most things are an easy fix just by adding some more wet clay and it will blend seamlessly into the dry.
  9. Matt modge podge first, then paint, the nmodge podge again then grout. Works for me to seal in layers and use baby wipes to remove grout.
  10. When there is not a square inch of clean table top space left and it's moving onto the floor.
  11. CreatureCrafter

    The cage

    So true. My favourite was always little red riding hood. I like the dark fairy tales x
  12. CreatureCrafter

    The cage

    This is beautiful work. I have always wanted to do a Hansel and Gretel piece, I even have a cage I bought hoping to do it but I have just never been brave enough to start it. Your witch is wonderful and I love how you have used the little vintage dolls for the children. This has such a creepy grimms fairy tale look to it. Great work!
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