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  1. Hello everybody I have 3 Patricia Rose molds and I tried them. I don't know what I did wrong or if my polymerclay is too soft but in the end the result is not good, according to me. When I pulled out the entire body, the clay strechted a little (even if I put it first in the freezer to cold it before popping the clay out) and when I seamed the lines I lost the shape of the body and it stretched again!! So I decided to use it only by parts : torso, legs, arms, head and work each parts alone. Of course it is time consuming! The result of the body parts is on the first picture Now I sculpt by myself without the help of any mold using the Katherine Deway technic that suits me better. I can work and have the result that I want : Gollum and his precious for example
  2. In Schaumburg you also have The Miniature show on the 26- 27 and 28 all informations here http://theminiatureshow.com/
  3. Hello everybody I was suggested to register to your forum by a kind lady. So here I am! I 'm a 49 (nearly 50 !)years old proud mum of 3 beautiful daughters (aged now of 20, 18 and 14 !) . I always love miniatures since I'm a child and when I was a student to become a physiotherapist I started to craft by myself furnitures for my pleasure, then roomboxes. I discover that it was a real hobby when I went to London and visited a dedicated shop and shows. In France it is not very popular as in England or America. Until internet arrives, it was very hard to find supplies to work with. But now!!! I build my first and only dollhouse when my first daughter came into this world in 1998, it was the dollhouse provided by Del Prado. I followed all instructions and finished it, and of course when finished I knew that it was possible to make it very personnal. So I started to recustomize it, but at the same time I started to go to fairs, meet miniatures friends (not popular in France but forums help to make friends! so did I !) and learn new technics then in 2009 I had a live class with Dana Burton (from Miniatureart and Minidollslist) and started to walk in the dolls world. And I don't want to leave it !!! I started to make my own dolls but unsatisfied by the blank kits -mostly men are not at my taste- I started to sculpt them. And what a joy to finish a project that matches what you had in mind! At the same time I attended live classes, shows and workshops. I also made a few tutorials for American Miniaturists and had a few reports showcasing my work. Now I'm exhibiting my work for the 2nd time I will be attending The Miniature Show in april in Schaumburg. I feel excited!! I'm even featured in the DHM61 and AM 180 for the show! I feel so proud!
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