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  1. What an awesome work !!!!!!!!!!!!! your character is perfect and the apothecary magnificent !
  2. wow your china painting is one of the best I've ever seen!!!!
  3. oh Karin! I love the Cyrene and Marie Catherine? mold, They have such a nice face! wonderful dolls to come!!!
  4. Gipsy convention held in february , look at this , it may give you ideas! http://www.minidolllist.com/2018/2018%20Convention/2018%20convention%20home%20page.html
  5. Hey Rebecca, you should not give up! Making dolls is as hard and difficult as making a building or a wagon , you are just not comfortable by now ! You can try to recover your dolls part with polymer clay again, some liquid polymer clay may help you to bond with the baked parts. You smooth with your fingers before baking, and bake at the right temperature long enough. If the 3D skeleton bears it, you should give it a try, it is worth your previous efforts! I'm sure you will manage to have your gipsy !!
  6. if I understand well, you have a skeleton in 3D print that you covered with polymer clay to have the shape you want, right? I had the experience of broking my finished doll with prosculpt, I baked it several times because I needed to make different parts step by step and at the very end, once dressed, wigged and ready to show, the arm broke . I asked to my friend who is more professionnal than me with polymer clay and she told me that I didn't bake it enough at the right temperature and for a long time. Maybe your issue is due because of the brand of the polymer clay, you ma
  7. I don't know much about this paper, but if it's possible to print on it with your regular printer, why not trying? But once printed you have to seal the image with triple thick glaze or modpodge. I also used to play with my pearl ex pigments for the back of the wings mixed with the triple thick, it gives nice shine and it shows thru a little bit at the front.
  8. http ://www.jennifersprintables.com/printables1.html great website (you cannot click on the link above, remove the space between the http and the : ) you have large source there, 3 pages, you can print them and have nice results; I use this website for years!
  9. Hello Jeannine, Pergamano may not be the right word for what I meant, velum paper seems to be the right one. You know the paper that you use to copy a drawing by transparency? you can use one that is thicker in your printer and you print for example butterfly wings. When ink is dry you put a thin layer of 3D gloss or sakura or modpodge (never use that for myself) to protect the printing, then you customize your wings , glue beads, sparkle, anything that you want! I strengthen the wings by adding a thin matching metal wire long enough to attach to the doll and that's it.
  10. what size is the doll? looks very interesting !
  11. Nathaliedollsmini


    the difference is quite good, and was it easy to glue on your wall ? did you make the print yourself? I love it ! can't wait to see it in progress again
  12. Yes I did , Karin! the Third ones are made with angelina film, with a pattern that I made myself , I glued some sparkle, no hole beads and everything that could remind ice fairy. The fifth ones are made from a wing sheet I bought in a show in Italy, it was a plastic , I added angelina at the back, embossed them with heat gun (very lightly!!) to have the nice changing colors and customize them. I also made wings for my angels, with feathers, I cut the feather at the size I want, glue them on a cardboard shape I made to have exactly what I want. Time consuming but real great effect !!!
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