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  1. I would like to add to my olde worlde village... and these are just about my favourite houses. Vic has retired, and although his site is still able to be viewed, there are no more sales. Just on the off chance that anyone is thinking about downsizing their collection, or making changes. I imagine that any in the USA would have prohibitively expensive postal charges.. but you never know...
  2. What a fabulous house you've made! The colours are great and I especially love all the stairs. Actually, I love all of it
  3. I'm in the UK and have lost about £300 worth of stuff when trying to buy from a very well known miniatures person in the US. The items never arrive. The replacements that are kindly offered also never arrive. I am actually wondering if a thief is targeting the work of this person... and very sadly, I have given up ordering anything from this source On the other hand, some one from Etsy ripped me off for about £120, and closed their shop during the period when I was trying to get a refund. Charming.
  4. I got this John McColgan beauty on eBay this week. It’s a beast! Took 3 of us to get it into the van... poor thing needs a lot of work. It seems to be constructed of clay bricks on wooden walls but every time it is touched, some bricks fall off. I will need to buy/make some in both red and white, as well as the clay roof tiles. I have no experience of this kind of work, so will take it very slowly....
  5. Thanks for the welcome! I mostly do kits and makeovers of second hand houses, but I have got some fairly posh ones as well, which I wouldn't want to spoil.. All of my properties are in my fantasy world, where magic is as real as science and contact with other worlds, dimensions and times is the norm..... so there are many odd beings about the place.. i name them after places, so I’ve got a Saffron Walden, a Mavis Enderby and so on. This is the start of my latest project, a bash of 2 DHE Magical Mystery Towers. It's going to be an a wizard's den, with a touch of mad scientist
  6. Hello everyone. I am a dolls house enthusiast, have done up a few and then had a long gap, as you do sometimes. But I am feeling the urge again, and may have a project to present in due course! Looks like a lot going on here, so I hope to pick up: 1) tips, 2) ideas, 3) everyone's brains.....
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