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  1. I like these general stores https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Dollhouse-General-Store-by-Jacqueline-Deiber/112693157639?hash=item1a3d091f07:g:WCYAAOSwGPxaNJPY
  2. Awww, I wanted to see which one you went for Carmen but it has been deleted. Hope you'll post pictures...
  3. Love this! It would make you want to keep adding to he 'street'
  4. If it's for a child's playhouse you could use simple homemade decoration and trim using scrap wood? I like how simple it is.
  5. Something about this one I like... Not sure about the large front window though... https://apps.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1871483213150039
  6. Love it! I love rehabs, make sure you take plenty of photos during the process Linda I'll be following your progress!
  7. Beautiful Kathie! The stairs now look much more elegant and appropriate to the BH.
  8. Ok Keith, spill the beans, what type of wood are you using (VERY nice) and what are you cutting those lovely curves with? One of my favorite browsing books is Taschen's 1000 chairs if you like modernist chairs.
  9. Wow, Nell Marie! That is a huge project. The stonework is amazing, I'm going to copy that for the base of my BH
  10. Fngers crossed for her Rebecca!!! Don't sit in the back seat unless she begs you to be there... jus' sayin'
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