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  1. You can find me at verdinoir.
  2. Verdi

    Verdun manor

    Verdun manor, a mysterious French chateau where everyday is an agatha christie novel. Currently under heavy rehabilitation.
  3. Wow, that is amazing! How does the seller justify that price, though, for an empty shell, without lights or furniture. It is pretty steep.
  4. No, I have never heard of it before. Ironically, I am not very internet savvy, and usually only buy from sites I know. All help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Oh do had no idea! That explains a lot. Thank you for the info! Such a shame that is. So many doors closed because some idiot scammers.
  6. I want to mention something in the Facebook debate. After having searched there a bit, I found out they have lots and lots of the exact house I am looking for. Georgian homes with high ceilings and center stairwell and round wired lighting throughout. The cost is usually around 100 pounds. I was over the moon, until I tried to buy one. In the course of almost a week, I have tried to purchase 15 (!!) Dollhouses. Because I live in Scandinavia, not one has been willing to sell to me (even though I specifically say I want to pay for the shipping). Some don't even re
  7. Hurra. Miniaturists are the nicest. Hurra,
  8. My answer just vanished, so if this shows up double please excuse me. I live in Europe, so my only choices are ebay and etsy unfortunately. Hence the desperate message on this forum. I appreciate the tips tho
  9. I've been looking for a house like the purple one for what seems like forever. All the rooms are the perfect size, and wiring and chandeliers are great. My luck that I never saw it go if anyone has a house in similar condition. Please let me know. Best regards -very frustrated, lots of furniture but no house
  10. Hi again, and thank you for your answers After googeling nonstop for a while now, I finally figured out that what I loved about the house was the tall ceilings. The tallest Ceiling I found was 10" in the Garfield house. But I wish for 12 inch ceilings. Insanity of course, that will surely be the end of me. I forgot to mention I live in Europe, witch makes it difficult buing a house from craigslist and other similar places. So I eventually came to the conclusion that i have to build from scratch. Huge bummer, considering the fact I wanted to spend my time making the miniature dolls an
  11. Thanks for answering! That does sound difficult, but easier than building a new house I guess The artist I referred to in my previous post just confirmed that he built the house himself. There are some truly talented people out there. I'l just start looking :)
  12. Hello, i an hoping someone can help me identify a dollhouse. The house is customized by artist Julien Martinez, I put is link further down on this post. I am looking for my first dollhouse, and this one would be perfect, with its glass roof in the attic and ok sized rooms. It does not have to be this exact one, but I am looking for a mainsard roof empire victorian (french/colonial/new orleans style) , with a minimum of 4/5 rooms. Preferably not so large, and also preferably already built, as my main interest is spending time creating the dolls and accssories to go with it.
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