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  1. Hi Rebecca I’m in Whangarei. Looks like rain now, perfect excuse to stay inside and do craft stuff. Do you belong to any Miniature Clubs in Auckland? There are not any in Whangarei.
  2. Hi all, Thank you for all the advice. I feel more confident now to give it a go. I have already used a primer undercoat and sanded. The plywood has come up nice and smooth so I think two coats of paint should come up smooth, with a good finish. It’s a 4 day weekend here in New Zealand with Easter. I’m look forward to getting lots done, after I visit the paint shop on the way home from work this afternoon. Thank you
  3. Hi. I’m new to miniature building and have bought a Fairfield dollshouse. I was thinking I would try and create a modern farm house style for the interior of the house using one neutral colour throughout with white trim. Can I paint the interior walls instead of using wallpaper??? I know if it did this I would need to putt the joins in the corners and sand smooth. Then paint over the corner joins. Does this work? Would it come up ok or does it look crap painting interior? Any thoughts or advise? Also can I use a water based enamel paint.......as I have this nice colour paint left ove
  4. Hi Amiee I am also new to dolls house building and also live in NZ. I recently purchased a Fairfield kit. I purchased the siding from Greenleaf when I bought my dollhouse. You can set up a YOUSHOP account at NZ Post so you can order stuff from the US that doesn’t ship to NZ.
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