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  1. Thank you for your reply fov. That was extremely helpful. Those tutorials are fantastic, Ive actually been looking for a lounge like that! :)

    Coffee stirrers would probably be the better option. As far as siding goes, it's quite difficult trying to track stuff down here in NZ. I've been trying to find a thin enough wood to make it out of. I might have to go with card instead. Is there any wood options on the website I linked to that could possibly work? 

     Sorry for all of the questions. It's always the same when you first start something it all seems quite confusing until you get a hang of it. :)

  2. Hi everyone. My name is Amiee and I'm new to dollhouses. I have been wanting to get started for years but somehow it never happened. I really love the 1:24 scale and I have a few questions about wood.

    I'm looking to make my own siding for the outside and came across the strips on the website I will link to. Would any of these two be suitable? I'm not sure about keeping it in scale and how thick would be too thick etc. They seem really thin so I was thinking about going with the 1mm? 

     I also have a furniture question. Im building my own and have seen people use from 1mm to 5mm depending on the piece. I don't want it looking bulky and out of place so would that be a good range to stick to? They have quite a lot of options on the website so I was wondering what the best selection would be to start with. 

     Thank you and I'm excited to be a part of this forum!



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